Well, in my opinion, most people when talking about a person being religious, they are referencing the fact or lack of them going to church. While I do go to church, sometimes. I carry my faith, my beliefs, my calling with me every single day.

So, am I spiritual? Absolutely!

So many folks that I chat with about spirituality look at it in the framework of: “We are human’s trying to become more spiritual.”

Heck, this is how I felt for more than half my life. But, now when I think about being spiritual I think about it like this: “We are all spiritual beings trying to navigate how to be human.”

Why do I think this way?

Because I have been given a life filled with interesting and memorable life lessons. I've been a bouncer at a bar and a pastor at a church. I've been on the mountain top of success as well as the deep valley of failure.

But most of all, almost dying three times has shown me what is important when it comes to living a life of purpose on this rotating rock we call Earth.


In the podcast below, I took a moment from teaching, in-house video, inbound marketing, and inbound sales strategies to dig into what really makes me the person I am today.

It paints the picture of why stepping on stages and being the catalyst for growth and helping others be their best selves is vitally important to who I am.

You'll learn about the start of my spiritual journey, what has built my faith over time, and three life lessons I embrace every day. Thanks to Phil Mershon and the Man In The Pew podcast for the opportunity to share my journey.

George B Thomas Thinking

George B. Thomas is a super-dynamic, super-inspirational speaker and a powerhouse of knowledge!

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In this episode of Man In The Pew, you will hear three main stories.

  1. When my math teacher told me I would never amount to anything and the impact it has had on my life.
  2. When I was in the Navy and only 13 hours away from dying and the lesson we all should embrace every day.
  3. When my daughter looked me in the eyes and said, daddy, I don’t want you to die, and how my wife disconnected me from the rest of the world for three days.

I how you can learn your own lessons from these stories as well as start to understand who I am as a man, a father, a husband, and a professional speaker. If you have questions, want to carry on a deeper conversation, or just want to connect, make sure to pick your favorite social platform and hit me up.

Or email me at George at as well. I always love having great conversations with amazing humans like you. Oh and by the way, I would say I’m religious and spiritual but, if you go to this point, my marketing skills for the title worked.