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AI Website Agents and Is Google in Trouble?

AI Website Agents and Is Google in Trouble?


As I look at the business landscape, I see two distinct camps forming—those of you embracing AI to its fullest and those not. No matter what camp you’re in, you’ll want to spare the next four to five minutes to understand a massive shift happening that many businesses need to get ahead of.

But first, did you read the title and wonder what is an AI Website Agent? And what does it mean when we say Google is in trouble? If so, good! Let’s dig in.

In this crazy AI-powered universe, the ability to adapt and evolve separates the leaders from the followers. Heck, the employed vs. the unemployed, and who knows what other separators will happen in the near future.

The ability to pivot and transform into what you and your business need is key! Not to mention being able to pivot for what your customers need at a moment's notice. Or answer questions at the moment almost as they think of them themselves.

Embracing Innovative Technology

Over the years, I've witnessed firsthand the power of embracing innovative technologies. Heck, it wasn’t too long ago that HubSpot was a new cutting-edge technology that felt like magic.

Let’s be honest. For thousands, it might still feel like a Las Vegas magic show happening before their eyes.

Have you found yourself on the right side of innovative technologies? A quick search for the most important tech shifts sheds light on that question.

Twenty Years and Four Innovative Technologies 

Over the past twenty years, there have been four innovative technologies that we should look at to get a grip on the pace and change of our culture, the humans in it, and the way they expect us as businesses to show up.

Social Media Platforms: 2003

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have redefined social interaction, content distribution, and digital marketing. They've become integral to personal and professional networking, revolutionizing how information is shared and consumed.

Sometimes for the good and well, other times the not so good. But, moving on… 🤔

Cloud Computing: 2006

This technology has transformed the IT industry and almost every business today by providing scalable, on-demand computing resources. Services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform have enabled businesses and individuals to access powerful computing capabilities without requiring extensive physical infrastructure.

Not too long ago, things we took for granted were just impossible tasks of the future.

Smartphones: 2007

The first true smartphone, often called the IBM Simon, was released in 1994. However, the modern smartphone era began with the release of the Apple iPhone on June 29, 2007.

Smartphones have revolutionized communication and have become a staple in our modern culture since their inception. The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 marked a significant milestone, transforming the mobile phone into a powerful, multi-functional device.


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: 2022

While AI research dates back to the 1950s, significant advancements and mainstream applications have accelerated in the 21st century, particularly post-2010, with the rise of deep learning and neural networks. AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) have made significant strides, impacting various sectors, from healthcare to finance.

Innovations in this field include advancements in natural language processing, image recognition, and predictive analytics, leading to more personalized and efficient services. And, of course, the modern world received ChatGPT in November of 2022. But, as you can see, we are on a fast track that doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

With that foundation in place, let’s talk about AI as the innovative technology of “now,” your AI website Agent in the “future,” and how they might change your business, customer experience, and the lives of both.

Awsme.ai Enters The Room and The Conversation

The inception of Awsme AI marks a pivotal moment where websites can transition from static platforms to intelligent agents capable of engaging and interacting with users. Yes, we have gone from your website needing to be responsive everywhere - about the design. To a new truth, it must also be responsive in conversation with those visiting it.

This technology that Awsme.ai brings to the table is not just about artificial intelligence; it's about augmenting our human intelligence, extending our reach, and amplifying our voice across the digital cosmos.

As Andrew Davis says, it’s just another place to create a Digital Doppelganger of yourself and your company! If you see his keynote on this topic, you might come away with a definition of your digital Doppelganger that goes a little like this…

What is a Digital Doppelganger?

The concept of a "Digital Doppelgänger" represents a groundbreaking fusion of your unique talents with the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This AI-powered virtual twin is your creative collaborator, enhancing your skills rather than replacing them.

It's a form of Intelligence Augmentation (IA) that acts as your partner in brainstorming, writing, and strategizing.

Ultimately, this approach to AI is not just about technological integration but about elevating your professional value, showcasing how AI can make you more valuable and effective in your field.


Awsme.ai Training the Digital Brain

Training an AI agent is much like nurturing a young mind, where we instill the wisdom gained from experience and the nuances of our expertise. This process is far from arbitrary; it's a deliberate act of selection, much like a curator in a museum choosing only the most resonant pieces that tell a compelling story.


In this case, the story is about how to be “human” or feel human and interact like you would if it was you interacting.

Each page, blog article, and podcast transcription is chosen for its ability to echo your voice and uphold the values you stand by. The content we provide becomes the lifeblood of the AI Website Agent that will be helping humans, aka site visitors.


This careful curation also ensures that every digital interaction reflects your dedication to excellence and the unique insights you bring to your audience. It's about ensuring that our digital presence is informative and insightful, embodying the essence of our brand in every exchange.

For all you wine drinkers out there, you might think of training an AI to be like cultivating a vineyard where the terroir, the choice of grape, and the aging process all contribute to the wine's final character. 🍷

In our case, the terroir is our accumulated knowledge, the grapes are our curated content, and the aging process is the AI Agent’s continuous learning.

For all of you stuck on the word “terroir,” here you go.

  • The natural environment in which a particular wine is produced includes factors such as the soil, topography, and climate.
  • The characteristic taste and flavor imparted to a wine by the environment in which it is produced.

Noun: goût de terroir; plural noun: goût de terroirs

👉 Okay, back to the article and AI Website Agents.

Here at George B. Thomas, LLC, we meticulously prepare this blend, ensuring the AI's reservoir is filled with current, accurate, and pertinent information. It's about shaping an AI Agent so that it doesn't just understand the language of our audience but also speaks with the eloquence and authenticity of our brand's voice.

With every query it addresses, your AI agent doesn't merely provide answers; it engages in a dialogue that conveys the passion and dedication you harbor for your craft, products, and services. It's a testament to your commitment, a digital ambassador that carries forward the integrity and intelligence of your brand.


By infusing it with your finest work, you can ensure that your AI Agent doesn't just deliver data—it imparts wisdom, sustaining your brand's legacy in every interaction and reinforcing your stature as a thought leader and trusted advisor in the digital realm.

See how this works on the Beyond Your Default website as a great example.


The Rise of AI Over Traditional Search and Social Search

I can sum the next couple of paragraphs up in a short sentence! I’ve heard the term “I’ll ChatGPT that” more in the last six months than “Let me Google it.”

Okay, now let’s dig a little deeper.

The digital landscape is profoundly transforming as AI-powered solutions redefine our quest for knowledge. We no longer rely solely on traditional search engines; we're turning to intelligent systems that anticipate our needs and provide instant, relevant insights. 

This shift is more than a technological trend; it's a cultural evolution in how we interact with information. By embracing AI's potential, we aim to transform our website into an oracle of HubSpot knowledge. This trusted source delivers more than just search results — it provides clarity and context.

This isn't about keeping pace with the current; it's about setting the pace, creating a “Hub” where users can find answers and understanding as they navigate the complex waters of digital marketing, sales, and service mastery.

Untitled Project

As we forge ahead, we are convinced that our platform can serve as the North Star in the digital domain. We stand as a steadfast lighthouse, offering all seekers safe passage and enlightened insights.

By leading the charge in this era of AI-driven search, we affirm our dedication to empowering users with knowledge that's as accessible as it is profound, ensuring that our website remains the ultimate compass for HubSpot.

Discovering and Implementing AWSME.aI

Our search for the ideal AI tool transcended compatibility with existing systems. We were looking for a solution to augment and refine our digital experience. 

Remember that doppelganger? We wanted a website butler that was the best he could be. The discovery of Awsme AI marked a pivotal discovery and new journey for our businesses.

This tool didn't just fit within our framework; it propelled it, integrating fluidly with the HubSpot CMS to foster a harmonious and intelligent user interface that mirrored our commitment to excellence. With its innate ability to work with HubSpot's intricate system, it empowered us to weave a richer, more nuanced tapestry of user experience, elevating every digital interaction to unparalleled sophistication.

This integration of Awesome AI signified more than a technological upgrade — it was a strategic enhancement to our digital persona. It heralded a new era of user engagement, where the ease of use and depth of interaction became indistinguishable from human-like intuition.

By bridging the gap between our ambitions and our technological capabilities, Awesome AI became a tool and a catalyst, driving us toward a future where our digital presence is as compelling and intuitive as the human intellect that shapes it.

Dual Benefits: External Visitors and Internal Teams

A website AI agent becomes an indispensable multitool, exemplifying versatility and adaptability for your website visitors. For the curious visitor who arrives thirsting for knowledge, the AI serves as a tireless concierge, adept at offering swift, precise responses that satisfy their quest for information. This instant gratification and clarity transforms a simple visit into an engaging experience, fostering trust and encouraging a deeper exploration of our content.

👉 This AI concierge doesn't just deliver facts; it provides context, understanding, and a seamless journey through the wealth of knowledge housed in our digital domain.

Internally, the AI agent assumes the role of a vast library curated by the collective intelligence of our organization. It becomes the sage that our team members consult, extracting insights that sharpen their decision-making and enhance client interactions.

This is where the AI transcends its role as a simple tool and becomes an active participant in our team's growth and learning. It compiles and synthesizes information, serving up the collective wisdom of our organization on a silver platter, enabling our team to deliver informed, nuanced, and persuasive communication to our clients.

Harnessing the dual capabilities of our AI agent is a strategic move aimed at amplifying satisfaction across the board.

It's about creating a symbiosis between the external user experience and internal operational efficiency. By doing so, we elevate customer satisfaction to new heights while streamlining our internal processes and boosting our team's performance.

In this way, our AI agent is more than a feature of our website; it's a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence, driving both innovation and proficiency within the fabric of our organization.

AI Robot Winner

AI and Organizational Culture

At George B. Thomas, LLC, we stand on the bedrock of human connection, bolstered by the pillars of innovation and creativity. Our journey into AI is carefully orchestrated, ensuring that the technology extends our core values rather than departing from them.

We’re committed to preserving the warmth and empathy that have become our hallmarks, weaving these human elements into the fabric of our AI interactions.

It’s a harmonious blend where AI's prompt responsiveness and analytical prowess are infused with the understanding and care that characterize every team member. This integration is a deliberate dance between machine efficiency and human sensitivity, ensuring that our solutions not only resolve problems but also resonate on a personal level.

🔥 This endeavor is more than just a technical upgrade; it’s a cultural evolution.

As we incorporate AI into our daily operations, we do so with an unwavering commitment to the human touch. We leverage AI to handle tasks that can be automated, allowing our team the freedom to invest more time and energy into creative pursuits and forging meaningful relationships.

The result is a suite of solutions that are not only intelligent and effective but also imbued with the creativity and emotional intelligence that spur innovation. This creative spirit, coupled with cutting-edge technology, enables us to deliver services that are not merely efficient but truly inspired.

Our organizational culture thrives on this confluence of humanity and technology, creating an environment where each complements the other. AI does not replace the human element; it enhances it, acting as a catalyst for our team to reach new heights of empathy and service.

In every solution we devise and every interaction we facilitate, we strive for a balance that leverages the best of both worlds — the precision and consistency of AI with the nuanced understanding of our dedicated team.

This balance allows us to craft experiences that are technically proficient, deeply human, and connective.

Ethical AI and Strategic Innovation at George B. Thomas, LLC

At George B. Thomas, LLC, developing a Digital Doppelgänger extends beyond mere coding to encompass ethical considerations, ensuring that every AI-generated interaction aligns with our core values and ethos.

This digital twin is not just a technological shadow but a full embodiment of our brand, designed to communicate with the same authority and compassion as a human representative.

Our approach to AI is deeply rooted in morality, focusing on creating impartial, ethical AI interactions that resonate with our brand's integrity. This process involves carefully aligning AI programming with our high ethical standards, ensuring our digital presence accurately reflects our professional ideals and commitment to ethical conduct.

Being a first mover in AI innovation provides us with a strategic advantage. Our AI doesn't just process information; it understands and analyzes it, providing insights infused with our brand's strategic thinking. This AI is a sophisticated tool that responds to user queries and mines interactions for valuable insights, helping us understand user behavior and preferences.

This data-driven approach informs our strategies, highlighting strengths and identifying areas for improvement. It's a proactive tool that anticipates audience needs, allowing us to effectively tailor our services and content strategy.

Our team's adoption of AI reflects our growth mindset and dedication to learning. By integrating AI into our operations, we've fostered a culture of innovation and excellence. Each team member contributes knowledge to the AI, making it a collective repository of our diverse perspectives and expertise.

This synergy between human creativity and AI capabilities drives our mission forward, keeping us agile and responsive in the digital landscape. As we embrace this new digital era, our AI partnership is not just a tool but a testament to our commitment to innovation and leadership in the field.

Take our AI Website Agent for a spin, or reach out with any questions you may have.

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