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Business Website Strategy

what jorge learned, chatgpt, owners mindset content ux

5 min read

What Jorge Learned: Owner's Mentality, Content UX, and the Truth About ChatGPT

Welcome back to another installment of What Jorge (that's me!) Learned over the past month. If you're new to this series, it's great to meet you! I'm Jorge, and I work with George here ... his sidekick, if you will! 

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buyer personas getting started guide

8 min read

George's crazy simple guide to getting started with HubSpot buyer personas (+ examples)

Buyer personas are a fundamental building block of the inbound methodology. If you've been kicking around the HubSpot ecosystem for any length of time, I know I'm not blowing your mind by dropping that little nugget of wisdom.

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HubSpot CMS Domains, Redirect, and Setup User Guide

1 min read

HubSpot CMS domain setup how-to (+ video)

No doubt about it, folks, setting your business website up on the HubSpot CMS Hub is one of the most powerful ways to supercharge your inbound growth and revenue efforts — especially if you're already using any of the other HubSpot hubs...

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