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buyer personas getting started guide

8 min read

George's crazy simple guide to getting started with HubSpot buyer personas (+ examples)

Buyer personas are a fundamental building block of the inbound methodology. If you've been kicking around the HubSpot ecosystem for any length of time, I know I'm not blowing your mind by dropping that little nugget of wisdom.

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what jorge learned hubspot and human lessons

4 min read

What Jorge learned: Microsoft Dynamics integrations, newsletters, and community

I can't believe it's already been 90 days since I joined George as a HubHero, serving all of you incredible HubSpotting humans out there, so they can achieve their biggest goals. But it has been and I'm back with a second installment of a few of...

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Powerful Free Email Signature Generator by HuBSpot & Others

1 min read

Powerful Free Email Signature Generator by HubSpot & Others

One thing I've seen some professionals struggle with is getting a great-looking and effective email signature in place for their Gmail. Outlook, or any other email service provider they may use.

However, this has changed forever with the...

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