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This article has very little to do with marketing or sales yet; it might have everything to do with marketing and sales. Here are three things I have learned during my first week of being a company of one!

It's been a whirlwind, it's been exciting, and it hasn't been as scary as I thought. Yet!


Success is After The Leap.

Suppose you want to see something extraordinary in your professional or personal life, leap. What do I mean?

Look fear straight in the face and say I don't care how big and bad you look!

Step up to the cliff, leap, and soar! At first, it might feel like you will crash, but success, far more than you could ever imagine, is on the other side of that leap. It's on the other side of your fears.

Before you just run out and make a wrong decision, you have to make sure you fight the proper fear and find the right cliff. Thanks to Remington Begg from Impulse Creative, one of the exercises I used was the Best case vs. Worst Case scenario.

You see, above, I wrote about looking fear in the face. When you look it in the face, you have to be prepared to have an intelligent conversation with it before you know if you should make a life-altering decision.

Better Than You Think You Are!

This point isn't really about me but you, the reader.

In the first week of being in business, I realized most people don't know who they are and what they are capable of in this life. I'm speaking from my own experience and those I've chatted with in the past week.

I know I lived this mentality of "I'm not sure I can do that" for years, and to be honest, I think the culprit is the "safety" of staying in your lane.

Over the past week, I have had to drive all the lanes! Sales, marketing, service, PM, and so much more. So, the realization is that you are probably better than you think you are, but you will only find out when you push yourself past your default. Past your lane!

The Measurement of A Brand?

Over the past 10-years, I've had the opportunity to build a personal brand inside two different companies. As I was building the brand, one thing that was always extremely hard for me was the ability to measure the brand.

  • Was it impacting the world?
  • Did people care?
  • Was anyone even listening/watching?

I could list about one thousand other questions I would continually ask myself.

However, the measurement of a personal brand is way easy to measure when it is not inside a bubble. While I love the companies I worked for, and both taught me precious lessons, it was not until two days after being on my own that I realized how important I was to their brands and potentially to their success.

Understanding or realizing this was about a 1/2 day mental OMG exercise filled with walking around, shaking my head, and asking myself why I couldn't see these things earlier.

 The Takeaways.

I hope you realize you are probably 100 times better than you think you are. I hope you figure out the fear that needs to be battled and make your leap! 

Finally, make sure you measure your worth to those around you daily. Don't get stuck in a mediocre mental loop when you provide exceptional experience and life for those around you!

What fear have you been battling? what leap do you need to take? What should you start measuring in your life? Start the conversation below!

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