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Is Fifty Too Late to Start Helping People?

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Is fifty too late to start helping people? I mean, I used to think fifty was old, over the hill, pack it up, grandpa. But now, wow, I’m fifty! That thought can impact many! For me it got me thinking.

Have I let too much time pass by to start helping people? Will they listen? Will they care? These are all things I was pondering as I sat atop a mountain in Tennessee on a rocking chair overlooking the mountains.


But let me back up for a minute.

Why was I wondering if fifty was too late to start helping people? I mean let’s be honest, I’ve been helping people since 2013 learn about HubSpot, Video Marketing, Podcasting, and more.

Before that, I was helping people as a youth pastor in a small church in Ohio. Heck, each and every day at Impulse Creative, I help people.

So what was the big deal? Why was I hesitating and pondering on the fact that at fifty I should or should not start a youtube channel to help people?

Spoiler alert, you're watching this video so, I started the channel but hey, let’s move on. You see, this time it was different. Or at least it felt different.

This time, it was about life lessons, personal lessons, things I’d learned in the past fifty years as well as I keep learning each and every day moving forward.

I’d have to dig up the past, look at it, slice it, and share with the world what I did, what I wished I’d done, and that felt difficult and scary.

I knew I would have to be authentic, empathetic, loving, and most of all vulnerable. And, many times especially online it’s hard to be one of these things let alone all of them at once.

Yep, I see you trolls in the comment section! But, I see you amazing humans there as well.

So is fifty too late to start helping people? My answer is an emphatic no! As a matter of fact, it might be the best time to start.

You see at forty, fifty, or even sixty, you’ve done a lot of things wrong and a lot of things right. You know what you would change and you know what you’re glad you kept the same. You’ve made decisions and been able to see the outcomes. You're able to stop and look back and analyze.

You do stop and look back at where you’ve come from right?

By the age of fifty, you’ve built a level of wisdom that others are still on the road to building.
You’ve also been given a gift of stories to share with others along the way.

In my opinion, It’s better to share those stories and potentially impact those around you versus letting your stories die never to have been heard or used by others for their own life lessons. Okay, stop

I want you to know, I think this might be the most important part of this video! So lean in just a little and listen.

In my opinion, It’s better to share those stories and potentially impact those around you versus letting your stories die never to have been heard or used by others for their own life lessons. At least that’s what I came up with as I sipped on a cold beverage in a rocking chair in the mountains of Tennessee overlooking the mountains as my wife and I celebrated our fiftieth birthdays with friends and family.

And so begins the journey of this channel where I get extremely vulnerable and share stories and lessons from my life to help you have a better day, grow on your own path, and live a life beyond what may have been your default. My tip to you as you watch this video, no matter if you’re fifty, a lot younger, or a lot older, share your stories with those around you.

They don’t have to be on YouTube but pay attention, listen, and you’ll realize there’s someone on this planet that your story was created for. Heck, there just might be thousands of people on this planet that will resonate with your stories, with your lessons! Imagine the impact! Be the catalyst.

That’s what I want to be and what I want to feel, so, my fiftieth birthday present to myself is this channel, this adventure, this digital hand-up for all who decide to watch along the way.

My hope is that you realize at any age, you can live a life that is amazing. That you can learn lessons that help you and then share them to help others. And yes, that even at fifty, it’s not too late to start helping people.

Start sharing your stories and remember to be a happy, helpful, humble, healthy human along the way.

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