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An Enormous Leap: Changes to My Inbound, Agency, and HubSpot Journey.

Taking an Enormous Leap: Changes to My Inbound & HubSpot Journey!

After ten years of living the HubSpot Agency life, it's time to make a crazy change! After watching hours of HubSpot Academy content and using HubSpot since September 2012, it's time to leap in a completely different direction in life.

Personal & Professional Significant Changes and Life Decisions Ahead!

Since 2009, I've worked at agencies as a designer & developer. Since 2011 I've worked at HubSpot Partner agencies, like Wild Boy, The Sales Lion, Impact Brand & Design, and Impulse Creative as a marketer, educator, content creator, and strategist!

It's been a great ride, and I've learned tons! But...

👉 I Need to Do More! Do Different.

Sometimes, you know you need to do more. You know you need to do "different." You realize through it all that real growth comes from being comfortable in the uncomfortable places of life.  

So you might be wondering, what's the relationship between HubSpot, the Hubspot Academy, the social community of friends, and myself going to look like in the future?

In short, It's about to go to a whole new level.


Excitement and Nerves. 💩 Oh, My!

About six months ago, I woke up with the strangest thought in my brain. It was simple, but it made me sick to my stomach.

If you don't try this and get to 70, you will regret it!

So I put pen to paper, hit my knees to pray, and made one of the most complex decisions I've ever had to make. With an excited heart and, TBH, slightly freaking out undertone.

I'm happy to share with you, friends, family, and the HubSpot community that I'm stepping out of employee mode and into the world of owner modeThe entrepreneurial spirit has officially taken over my heart, mind, and soul.

Please help me welcome George B. Thomas, LLC, "the business," to the world and, more importantly, to the HubSpot community.

Goerge B Thomas - Home

If you have questions about why I made this decision, reach out. I'm an open book about my personal and professional HubSpot and Inbound Journey.

I've got you covered with our FREE HubSpot Help page if you have questions about HubSpot or other items moving forward.

How Will We Help HubSpot Users?

We will be launching a few masterclass options in the future. At the business launch, we are getting ready to tackle the Content Creation Masterclass to a select few humans prepared to make their content more compelling. More masterclasses will launch in the future, and individual free courses and paid courses as well.

As far as our primary services, we'll be offering the HubSpot community services like:

The doors are open to the GBT Shop, so take a look around and give me any thoughts or feedback you may have. 

I mean, beat up the site and tell me everything you would change. Or, give me some love for what you like.

I'm looking forward to the journey and all of the lives I'll be able to continue to impact. Here's to the future, and away we go!

A special thanks to all the mentors I've had in the past ten years. It's because of things you've said or taught me that I'm here today.

What do you think? Start a conversation in the comment section below.

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