by George B. Thomas George B. Thomas | Jun 19, 2021 8:46:58 AM

In this life only give up on giving up

I need you to stop for a second and take a deep breath. I want you to think back on your journey! I want you to think about who you use to be. Think about the times you struggled/ Think about the time you complained. Think about the times you thought you would never make it.

Then, I want you to realize you made it. You have made it to exactly where you are. Exactly where you should be. And, the only reason you have gotten to where you are is that you kept going. You kept changing. You kept not giving up.

But, you also stopped.

  • You stopped complaining.
  • You stopped making excuses.
  • You stopped saying yes to things that should be a no!

What have you stopped doing to get where you are right now?

Now, I need you to stop for a second. I need you to think about where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? Think about the best life. The life of your dreams. Think of what might feel like the unachievable.

How are you going to get there? How can you create & live the life of your dreams?

Realize you are powerful, realize how far you've already come, realize you can be anything you want to be. Realize you need to stop chasing the past and run into your future.

Either way, there is only one way you will make it, you have to keep going and, never stop!

Project Catalyst - Dont Stop

So, today, I need you to map out your journey. I need you to create your "I'm" statements.

A couple of examples might be:

  • I'm happy I'm making $X Amount a year. (What's your number)
  • I'm excited to feel successful. (What's your thing)
  • I'm glad I take risks and live a big life!
  • I'm glad I travel over the world with(your person)

Then, look at those statements every day and realize, it's simple. Just keep going and never stop no matter what!

Your friend,
George B. Thomas

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