by George B. Thomas George B. Thomas | Jun 13, 2021 5:21:25 PM

Set Goals

Have you asked yourself the question, "What are my goals?" lately?

I have honestly had a lifelong battle with the concept of setting and achieving goals. For the first part of my life, setting goals was almost nonexistent. However, later in life, it has become essential and something I think about a lot.

One thing I have learned about setting goals is that it is better to set a lofty goal, one you think you may not be able to hit vs. an easy goal.

The lofty, heavier, unachievable feeling goals will get you much further in life.

Unless this is your first time setting goals.

If it is your first time, focus more on the target goals vs. the milestone goals.

But, if your not a goal beginner, remember, it's better to fail big than to achieve small.

Once you set these lofty goals, I want you to then create two or three goals that help you get to the lofty long-term goals! That way you have the ability to "win" several times along the way. These wins will be the fuel that keeps you driving towards that big goal at the end of the journey.

Think of this as several targets that help you understand where you are in the journey. Maybe, you might call them milestones or mile markers in the road of life.

But, if you have not targets, no milestones, no mile markers, how will you know where you are. Most likely, you will just sit on the road at a dead standstill while the world passes you by.

Today, ask yourself, what are my HUGE goals. Set those goals. Write them down and then create the target goals to hit along the way. Then, start the habits that will drive you towards those targets and that large unachievable goal that you dream of!

Dream big, achieve big!

Your friend,
George B. Thomas

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