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1st Annual HubHeroes #INBOUND23 Breakout Session Preview Show (HubHeroes, Ep. 48)

inbound breakout sessions preview

Y'all, I don't know how it happened, but we are less than one month to HubSpot's #INBOUND23 event. If you're now finally starting to get hyped for this singular celebration of tens of thousands of inbound practicing humans from all around the world, you have come to the right place.

In fact, we've been hyped for months, so after this episode, I strongly encourage you all to check out the other two #INBOUND23 preview episodes we've dropped so far:

But today, with #INBOUND23 finally right around the corner, we're here with our 1st annual INBOUND breakout sessions preview episode. Yes, we love the keynotes and the networking and all of the "magic that happens in the hallways" as George likes to say. However, breakout sessions are where you're going to get the bulk of your learning on.

So, in this episode, we're going to share each of our top breakout session picks for #INBOUND23, as well as our top tips for getting the most out of each of the sessions you attend — that way you can take that magic home with you.

INBOUND Sessions Honorable Mentions 

15 Reasons Why Your GTM Is Broken and How To Fix It

What we cover in this episode

  • What are our top picks for #INBOUND23 breakout sessions?
  • What are our favorite tips and tricks for retaining the most educational goodness from the breakout sessions you attend?
  • What else are we looking forward to at this year's INBOUND event?

Extra resources

HubSpot Training with George B Thomas

(We've made it easy!)

🔥  With #INBOUND23 right around the corner, the #HubHeroes gang is all here to talk through their top picks for the INBOUND breakout sessions you can't afford to miss this year! 

Plus, a few extra surprises ...


#inboundmarketing #hubspot #believersatinbound #blackatinbound #inbound

🔎 #INBOUND23 is almost here! And while we're excited for big names like Reese Witherspoon and Derek Jeter to rock the keynotes, we all know SO much of the powerful learning happens during the BREAKOUT SESSIONS!

So, in this episode, the #HubHeroes each breakdown their top picks of what breakout sessions you can't afford to miss! 


#inboundmarketing #hubspot #believersatinbound #blackatinbound #inbound

😱 ALERT! ALERT! #INBOUND23 is LESS than a month away! Are you ready for the most EPIC inbound learning adventure of all time? We know we are! 

Join us for our 1st Annual #INBOUND23 Breakout Sessions preview episode for the top session picks that are an absolute MUST for your agenda! 


#inboundmarketing #hubspot #believersatinbound #blackatinbound #inbound

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Meet your HubHeroes

Liz Murphy


Agency vet, content therapist, messaging strategist, HubHero wrangler.

Devyn Bellamy


HubSpotter, partner enabler, strategy wizard, BLACK@INBOUND.

Max Cohen


HubSpotter, senior solutions engineer, CRM evangelist, a millennial on TikTok.

George B. Thomas


HubHeroes leader, growth catalyst, guardian of humans, HubSpot expert.

[00:00:00] Liz Moorehead: We love a good safe harbor. We love a good safe harbor legal statement, don't we? Kids? We love it. We thrive. It's what gets us going.

[00:00:09] Max Cohen: This is the safest harbor.

[00:00:11] Liz Moorehead: The safest,

[00:00:12] Max Cohen: There are no sharks, no big waves, no pirate ships.

[00:00:17] George B. Thomas: It's like the hero's harbor. Maybe it's it's

[00:00:20] Liz Moorehead: The hub, heroes harbor.

[00:00:22] George B. Thomas: Yeah.

[00:00:22] Liz Moorehead: Oh, I love

[00:00:24] Max Cohen: that's like some, that's like some Paw Patrol

[00:00:26] George B. Thomas: where, where we're the guardians of growth. It's like, it's like the hero harbor where we're the guardians of growth and we're a safe haven for the heroes that need to take a break.

[00:00:38] Max Cohen: Guardians of the Growth Array.

[00:00:41] Liz Moorehead: we are the alliteration kings. We can do anything. I love

[00:00:45] George B. Thomas: We

[00:00:46] Liz Moorehead: Well, welcome back gentlemen, to another fantastic episode. I'm really excited. I think this is the first time in a while all of us have been together.

[00:00:54] George B. Thomas: go.

[00:00:55] Max Cohen: That's

[00:00:55] Liz Moorehead: What? Cool. Are we ready? Because

[00:00:58] George B. Thomas: I love, by the way, by the way, I love when us four humors can get together and just drop bombs. By the way, that was like probably the quickest I've ever done that in any episode to date.

[00:01:09] Max Cohen: Mm. Yeah, it was

[00:01:10] Liz Moorehead: Very

[00:01:10] George B. Thomas: Yeah. 

[00:01:11] Liz Moorehead: Very quick.

[00:01:12] Max Cohen: Mm.

[00:01:12] Liz Moorehead: Well, 

[00:01:15] Devyn Bellamy: Doesn't normally 

[00:01:15] Liz Moorehead: know, Devin, I just, I, I don't think that's something we should really highlight. What we should be really happy for

[00:01:20] Max Cohen: Uh,

[00:01:20] Liz Moorehead: is that he felt. The need to say it. And that's what really all that matters, right? That's what matters.

[00:01:26] George B. Thomas: It's all about the feeling.

[00:01:27] Liz Moorehead: just been a while since we've all been together.

You know what I mean? And that's fine. Do you know what's kind of crazy though? It doesn't feel like that long ago that we recorded our first inbound 23 preview episode, and I remember us talking about it and in the introduction I literally was like, now I know you guys are like, but it's months away. And like, how can we possibly be talking about inbound already?

Um, ladies and gentlemen and all of the hub heroes out there, alert, alert, we are less than a month now, less than a month to HubSpots annual inbound event.

[00:01:58] George B. Thomas: it's crazy.

[00:01:59] Liz Moorehead: you are just now joining this hype train already in progress for the

[00:02:03] George B. Thomas: Woo woo.

[00:02:04] Liz Moorehead: celebration of tens of thousands of inbound practicing humans from all around the world, you have come to the right place because yes, we have been hyped for months in fact, I would actually say if you are just now catching up on the Inbound Hype Train, we have two other episodes in the feed.

You should definitely check out number one, the most bomb diggity.com inbound 23 strategic success framework for individuals and teams. And then we have crikey Inbound 23 down Under Roundtable, the Ultimate Guide for International Hubs, spotters, and I would also say agency owners. You guys have had some really great conversations around making the most of Inbound as an agency owner regardless as to whether you're from down under, around the world or stateside.

So highly recommend you guys checking those out. But today, today, that's right.

[00:02:54] Max Cohen: Oh, that's hot.

[00:02:55] George B. Thomas: Today.

[00:02:56] Liz Moorehead: the first annual. The first annual, because yes, you ding-Dongs. We're doing this again next year, just in case you didn't know. Yes. It is the first annual Hub Heroes breakout session preview show for Inbound 23.

Are we excited?

[00:03:09] George B. Thomas: Oh, so excited.

[00:03:12] Liz Moorehead: everyone calmed down. You guys are the worst. Okay. Anyway, you are right guys, because while we love the keynotes, we do love the Is Pit Bull gonna be one of the keynotes? If so, I will be there.

[00:03:29] George B. Thomas: I love keynotes.

[00:03:31] Liz Moorehead: I love keynotes. Devin, how do you feel about

Keynotes are you into 'em? 

[00:03:36] Max Cohen: Mm.

[00:03:36] Liz Moorehead: the iest of keys.

[00:03:38] Devyn Bellamy: Keynotes are the most amazing. 

[00:03:41] George B. Thomas: by the way. I know. I know. We're here to talk about breakouts. We are gonna talk about breakouts. If we have time, I might bring up one spotlight, by the way, that I do want to just touch upon towards the end. So we'll see.

[00:03:50] Liz Moorehead: You totally have a bonus change approved.

Breakout and spotlight preview episode. How about that? So yes, we love our notices of keys. We love the networking. We love, as George would likes to call it the magic that happens in the hallways. But let's face it, the breakouts and also some of the spotlights are where you're gonna get most of your educational bang for your buck.

That's where you get to learn not just from hubs, spotters, but real world inbound practitioners who are sharing some of the best secret sauce that they've got out there, so we can all learn and grow together. However, before we dig into all of our picks, I thought it might be fun

[00:04:30] George B. Thomas: oh,

[00:04:30] Liz Moorehead: to do a little bit of inbound trivia.

[00:04:33] George B. Thomas: oh.

[00:04:35] Liz Moorehead: Max,

[00:04:35] George B. Thomas: usually do really bad at these things. 

[00:04:37] Max Cohen: I am so bad at trivia.

[00:04:39] Liz Moorehead: I know this is gonna be really awful too,

[00:04:41] George B. Thomas: Let me get Google fired up real quick.

[00:04:44] Max Cohen: I position myself as someone where HubSpot's my entire personality, but any sort of historical trivia you have, it's gone not

[00:04:51] Liz Moorehead: Fantastic because one of these, so here, little preview of the two questions you have. One of them is so niche, there's a good chance neither none of you will get it. And then the other one is you will be really embarrassed if you get it wrong. So I decided


[00:05:04] Max Cohen: Oh

[00:05:04] Liz Moorehead: a bunch of spice today. Which one do you wanna start with?

The potential embarrassment?

[00:05:09] George B. Thomas: Brack Obama. That's our 

[00:05:10] Devyn Bellamy: Barack 

[00:05:11] Liz Moorehead: No, I'm

[00:05:12] George B. Thomas: Martha Stewart.

[00:05:13] Liz Moorehead: Barack Obama? Thank you. Wow. What do we wanna start with? Potential embarrassment or super niche.

[00:05:19] George B. Thomas: Oh, let's just get it over with.

[00:05:20] Max Cohen: Niche.

[00:05:21] George B. Thomas: Let's, that's, uh,

[00:05:23] Devyn Bellamy: Well, let's get in. 

[00:05:24] Liz Moorehead: did Inbound have the folks from Charity Water there in club inbound? So you could walk the water across club inbound and understand how far people had to walk in order to carry water.

[00:05:37] George B. Thomas: 20 15, 20 15, 20 14.

[00:05:45] Liz Moorehead: it was my first inbound.

[00:05:46] Max Cohen: Oh

[00:05:47] Liz Moorehead: I also met Nick that year in a,

[00:05:49] George B. Thomas: I, I remember that though. That was the

[00:05:52] Liz Moorehead: it was a

[00:05:53] George B. Thomas: of dope things. Those like yellow jugs and like people trying to like truck 'em

along. Oh yeah. 

[00:05:59] Liz Moorehead: that's what I,

[00:05:59] George B. Thomas: a good keynote too.

[00:06:00] Liz Moorehead: was also the year Simon Sinek was there. That was also the year, uh, Gary Vaynerchuk was there. It was a real, that was my very first inbound experience. But what I also really loved about it too is that they really created a central focal point where this organization that they had partnered with for this event to really make a statement and an impact about the work that they were doing.

And I thought that was really powerful. So shout out to HubSpot. Shout out to Charity Water. Alright

[00:06:26] George B. Thomas: You know, Hey, be before you go, before you go off of there, because you did say something, you said Gary V was there.

[00:06:32] Liz Moorehead: I thought he was, I might be

[00:06:33] George B. Thomas: Well, well, I know you might be right.

[00:06:35] Liz Moorehead: That might have been

[00:06:36] George B. Thomas: wanna see, I wanna see.

[00:06:37] Devyn Bellamy: No, 

[00:06:38] Max Cohen: Well, yeah, 'cause

[00:06:40] George B. Thomas: Okay. Because I know he is 2012. 

[00:06:42] Devyn Bellamy: was 

[00:06:42] George B. Thomas: But then what was the other one? Was the other one.

[00:06:44] Liz Moorehead: I think it was Simon Sinek that year.

[00:06:46] George B. Thomas: Okay. There we go.

[00:06:47] Max Cohen: yeah, Abby 2016. 'cause I got there in 2015 and he was there at the first one and I was really into Gary V. It almost melted when he walked by me.

[00:06:54] George B. Thomas: Brow

[00:06:55] Liz Moorehead: Oh, that's gross. Ew. Ew.

[00:06:59] Devyn Bellamy: Yeah. and So in, in little known Gary v's story, he's one of the reasons why Black and

[00:07:05] George B. Thomas: They do now.

[00:07:05] Devyn Bellamy: thing.

[00:07:06] Liz Moorehead: exclusive 

[00:07:07] Devyn Bellamy: no one knows this. But I tweeted, I tweeted about wanting to, uh, start a movement, but I had really bad social anxiety. Uh, and I had tagged him and he just

[00:07:19] Liz Moorehead: got? Nike by

Gary V.

[00:07:21] Devyn Bellamy: And I'm know what? I'm gonna do it.


[00:07:23] George B. Thomas: I know that Gary v watches 

[00:07:25] Devyn Bellamy: Nike by Gary 

[00:07:26] George B. Thomas: on a weekly basis, so

[00:07:28] Max Cohen: A

[00:07:28] Liz Moorehead: Along


[00:07:28] George B. Thomas: Gary V

[00:07:29] Max Cohen: of

[00:07:29] George B. Thomas: let's just give him a round of applause, Gary, for changing the world. Thank you. Thank you very much.

[00:07:36] Liz Moorehead: You know what? We really appreciate our friends of the pod, Barack Obama, Simon Sinek, Gary V. Thank you guys for listening and tuning in each week and giving us personal pointers and personal notes each time. I

[00:07:46] George B. Thomas: Yeah. Liz, make sure we're one of those annoying companies that tags every one of those, just because we mentioned them once in the podcast, because we don't have enough of that on LinkedIn.

[00:07:55] Liz Moorehead: I love that. For us, that's called growth. That's called flourishing. All right. Are we ready for the second trivia question?

[00:08:00] George B. Thomas: Oh, uh, sure. I'm nervous, but yeah,

[00:08:02] Liz Moorehead: In what year was the HubSpot flywheel announced?

[00:08:06] George B. Thomas: 2018. 'cause it was right before Covid. 

[00:08:09] Devyn Bellamy: 18, 

[00:08:12] Liz Moorehead: We have talked about the flywheels so much.

[00:08:15] George B. Thomas: it's

gotta be 2018.

Hang on.

[00:08:18] Liz Moorehead: George, stop Googling. Stop it. Step away from binging Yahoo

[00:08:23] Max Cohen: I think it was 17.

[00:08:24] Liz Moorehead: Teams. Alright, have we locked in our answers?

[00:08:27] George B. Thomas: Not, well, no, because

[00:08:29] Liz Moorehead: George?

George, stop. No. No. Okay. George, you're typing. George, you're typing. So your answer is locked in at

[00:08:35] George B. Thomas: What? Who's typing? I'm not typing

[00:08:37] Liz Moorehead: Yeah. Uhhuh.

[00:08:38] George B. Thomas: right now. I'm reading. I'm not typing. I typed a

[00:08:40] Liz Moorehead: max. You are the golden child. Devon and George have brought shame upon the hub, heroes, family.

It was 2017 also, George, right before Covid. Covid

hit in 2020. My dude. Where were you in 2019?

[00:08:52] George B. Thomas: Uh 

[00:08:55] Devyn Bellamy: Yeah, I wasn't gonna say anything, but I was 

[00:08:57] Liz Moorehead: he's, you know what? It's because he's chilling on his Davenport on the veranda. We already have 

[00:09:02] Devyn Bellamy: blend together. 

[00:09:04] Liz Moorehead: episodes.

[00:09:04] Max Cohen: Yeah,

[00:09:05] George B. Thomas: own it. I'll own it. I will be the old fart human of the podcast.

[00:09:10] Liz Moorehead: Wow.

[00:09:10] George B. Thomas: saying. Yeah. I'll be that

[00:09:12] Max Cohen: seeing Brian, Brian just getting up there and spinning. That shit was like the most transformative moment of my life. I was

[00:09:17] Liz Moorehead: There were lots of sparks. Was that also the year that they did the Lord of the Rings themed like

video and talk that led up to the flywheel or,

[00:09:26] George B. Thomas: No, no, no, no, no 

[00:09:28] Devyn Bellamy: greatest moment in life. Brian Plus Dharmesh plus Puppets equals winning. Wait, what? I thought the puppets was the Lord of 


[00:09:37] Max Cohen: while they were 

[00:09:39] Devyn Bellamy: Well, the Puppets one was the best one. 

[00:09:40] Max Cohen: and I had no clue what was going on. I just saw a bunch of people in a car with Muppets and they were filming it and I was like, where do I work? This is

[00:09:50] George B. Thomas: Oh,

[00:09:50] Max Cohen: so weird.

[00:09:51] George B. Thomas: see, I

[00:09:52] Liz Moorehead: best place of all.

[00:09:53] George B. Thomas: don't know because, man, 2012 and the, for those about to rock eight or no. Thunderstruck, it was Thunderstruck, A C D C, thunderstruck intro with like the helicopter and like the jumpsuits. But, but I, I, it's a moment in time. But Devin, I agree. When I saw ladies and gentlemen, When I saw the Dharmesh puppet, I might have pooped myself a little bit.

I was like, this is the coolest thing

[00:10:17] Liz Moorehead: We all had a moment.

[00:10:18] Max Cohen: now it is just the underpants gnomes reference from a couple years ago was the greatest thing. Oh my

[00:10:24] Liz Moorehead: Step one, steal underpants. Step two, blank. Step three, profit and

[00:10:29] Max Cohen: anyone, did anyone see my TikTok that I did with that? With the, with the DJ Hitting the drop at inbound, using

[00:10:36] Liz Moorehead: No,

[00:10:37] George B. Thomas: no.

[00:10:37] Max Cohen: Oh, okay. Go on my TikTok, I'll find

[00:10:39] George B. Thomas: find it. Let's put in the show notes.

[00:10:41] Liz Moorehead: max send it to me.

[00:10:42] George B. Thomas: I know, I know. We're gonna get into breakouts. We told everybody we'd get into breakouts, but I will, I have to share this. I don't know if I've ever shared this publicly. One of the things that has fascinated me over the years that I have absolutely kept track of and even made it a point to try to say something to that human after they were done is the level in which every year, Dharmesh.

The keynote that he brings, it just is fire. Like how, how funny he has gotten, how much he like banks on the sun, the being an introvert, the like, like I just gotta tell you, I love watching him talk at these things and I'm always fascinated to see where we go and, and how good he gets year after


Oh yeah.

[00:11:27] Liz Moorehead: Oh yeah, 

[00:11:28] Devyn Bellamy: crazy watching his kid grow up, right? 

[00:11:30] Liz Moorehead: Well,

[00:11:30] George B. Thomas: And I love Brian's dog too. Don't, don't get me wrong. I love Brian. I love Brian's dog. Uh, we even saw Brian's kid in Spider-Man pajamas. I'm just saying

[00:11:38] Liz Moorehead: You heard it here First Club Heroes. George is up on Dharmesh and not up on

[00:11:44] George B. Thomas: Uh, see, I'm gonna get hate mail. 

[00:11:47] Liz Moorehead: exclusives. We got a lot of exclusives dropping here today. Devin, getting Nike by Gary 

[00:11:52] George B. Thomas: any. Did other people see Brian Halligan LinkedIn post just recently about like the lessons learned of being a c e O, like anybody else? Anyway, that'll be a link in the show notes too. We should probably move forward.

[00:12:04] Liz Moorehead: Are we actually ready now to talk about our picks today, gentlemen?

[00:12:07] Max Cohen: Yes,

[00:12:08] Liz Moorehead: do you have any other thoughts about the year that was lost 2019 since

[00:12:11] George B. Thomas: n no, no, I, I feel like, I feel like I'm, I have all timers around that, so we'll just

[00:12:17] Liz Moorehead: We're doing great. This is okay. In case our listeners are wondering, this is what thriving looks like, this is what living, laughing and loving looks like. All of those home good closers are about us.

[00:12:27] George B. Thomas: Friday at 3 22 Eastern time on, uh, you know, August 11th, ladies and gentlemen. Cheers. This is us


[00:12:35] Liz Moorehead: Yeah. All Here's what we're gonna do. 

[00:12:38] Devyn Bellamy: now he is

overcompensating by 

[00:12:39] Liz Moorehead: each of us. Alright. For the listeners at home, here's what we did. We each went through the agenda and hand selected two different breakout sessions that we believe are the ones that you should be attending.

So what we're gonna do is we're gonna go round robin. I'm gonna start with you, George Max, Devon, and them myself. We're each gonna share one, and then we're gonna do a round robin again. I figured I'd share the rules since we have a tendency sometimes to get a little off

[00:13:04] George B. Thomas: Wait, there's rules. 

[00:13:05] Liz Moorehead: George, you get to go first.

[00:13:06] George B. Thomas: Hey.

[00:13:07] Liz Moorehead: first choice? But before you tell us the first choice, I'd actually just be curious to hear from you. How did you choose? These particular ones that you're gonna share with us?

[00:13:16] George B. Thomas: Well, the first one, two reasons because. love the human. And two, it piggybacks off of last week's conversation with Mark Killins and ish changing around what HubSpot, a k a HubSpot Academy might be alluding to doing in the future. And I want to be in the room two reasons for, for the first one, the second one because it's a future major strategy that we wanna lean into for G B T and Hub heroes.

So I want to be in the room and I wanna listen to the ways that we can take what might feel very old and maybe implement it in ways that feels very new and fresh. Yeah. So

[00:14:00] Liz Moorehead: All right, so what's

[00:14:00] George B. Thomas: I go with the first one?

[00:14:02] Liz Moorehead: Yeah, let's go with the first one.

[00:14:03] George B. Thomas: All right, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up. We're gonna get into the good stuff. So the first one is the New Age of Customer education and the flywheel.

[00:14:13] Liz Moorehead: We know how much you love a good

[00:14:14] George B. Thomas: oh, I love customer education and I have grown to love the flywheel. But here's the thing, it's Courtney emr. She's ama, she's amazing.

[00:14:24] Max Cohen: we love Courtney.

[00:14:25] George B. Thomas: my God, she's an amazing human, impacting lives on a daily basis, like just cranking stuff out, you know, with the team. Uh, she's the director of HubSpot Academy, by the way.

Just gonna throw that out there. But if you look at kind of what's happening, there's tags on these, by the way, the breakouts, there's tags like customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer retention, like this. But customer education has been declared a must need for growing companies for the last few years.

And with so many businesses turning to customer education, what can you do to stand out in this environment? You remember when, like company, they had an academy and they were special. A lot of companies have academies now, by the way. So how, I love this idea of how do you stand out in this new environment that we're finding ourself.

The new age of customer education is tied directly to your bottom line. Ladies and gentlemen, what? It's a, you mean this education has to equal our revenue? Oh my God. Say to your bottom line. From lead generation to Gen a revenue retention. In this session, you explore the new age of customer education and how your business or organization can attract, engage, and delight with educational content.

Learn how HubSpot Academy grew from live trainings. I was there by the way, to supporting some of HubSpot's most important business objectives. Ah, let's go. Come on.

[00:15:52] Max Cohen: Powerful.

[00:15:53] George B. Thomas: That's it. I'm, I'll be there. Be there. Uh, unless like there's a bus or a train or a meteor, I'll be there.

[00:16:01] Liz Moorehead: And even then,

[00:16:02] George B. Thomas: I might limp in. I don't know. We'll see.

[00:16:04] Liz Moorehead: take a dive off an asteroid. It'll be totally

[00:16:07] George B. Thomas: It'll be good. I'll, I'll walk it off.

[00:16:09] Max Cohen: don't get hit by a bus,

[00:16:10] Liz Moorehead: before you share your first pick, can you do the same and give us a little peek behind the scenes about how you made your choices?

[00:16:16] Max Cohen: Yeah. I think, um, you know, this, this is gonna be my first inbound, not being an employee. Right.

[00:16:22] Liz Moorehead: Ooh.

[00:16:23] Max Cohen: thinking

[00:16:25] George B. Thomas: Are you getting emotional?

[00:16:26] Max Cohen: yeah. Um, no, uh, thinking a lot about kind of like, alright, what was I really in the know about when I was a employee and what did that make me like, ignore. Right.

[00:16:41] George B. Thomas: Oh

[00:16:42] Max Cohen: you know what I mean? Because I was like, I already, I know what's happening already.

You know what I mean? And it was, while some things are like big cool announcements for some folks, you know, for me I was like, oh, I saw that months ago. Right. So I'm thinking about it through that perspective. And the other kind of like perspective I'm thinking through too, is in my new role of like evangelism and building partner programs and stuff like that.

I'm looking for any and all help and education on how to do that stuff because I'm very much building the plane as I'm flying it right now. And, uh, yeah, looking forward to learning from the pros, uh, best practices around kind of the work I'm doing day to day now. So that was kind of my, perspective going into it.

you know, and also before it's just like when I was there, it was all about just like meeting customers and selling stuff and like having like a fun hangout with, you know, HubSpot coworkers. But like, I'm going there, you know, as a customer, as a partner, as a, you know, whatever you want to call it. Right?

So it's, it's gonna be a totally different experience and I'm looking forward to like, you know, enjoying it through that lens. But, um, My first one that I had here, I have like actually picked like four of 'em, but I'm just gonna, I know we're just gonna do two. So first one I have here, um, is one that John McLaren and Lori Keon, I think I'm spelling her, I pronouncing her name wrong, um, are doing, and it's building deep c r m customizations to supercharge your business.

It's a HubSpot product breakout. the big reason I'm super stoked for this one is anytime I would have like really deep, questions, thoughts, ponderings, uh, Needing real good insights into like what's happening with HubSpot's a p i and like what we're doing on the forefront of like customizing stuff or allowing people to customize stuff, whether it's through private apps or what sort of extent that like marketplace apps have the ability to do.

especially when it comes to things like custom cards and how they're opening up that center panel for a lot of custom cards and tabs and things like that. And building just more stuff into HubSpot from your outside systems. That's the stuff that I'm super stoked about right now. Not just 'cause I'm working for happily, but it's always just been a, a big kind of thing.

'cause like to me, that's where we start to beat Salesforce, right? When we can add this much deeper level of customization that's more front and center versus a little card floating on the side. Right? So I'm super stoked to kind of see. What's going on there, because I'm out of the loop of that stuff now versus like, you know, very much in it every day.

so I'm super stoked on that one. And anyone who's interested in, you know, building in your own internal systems that your company has into HubSpot's interface, this is one that you need to go to because you'll get all the juice on how to do it and what's on the horizon and like what they're gonna be adding.

It's gonna be awesome.

[00:19:32] George B. Thomas: Dude, dude, talk about a happy accident. So one of the things that I've been doing inside, uh, community dot hub heroes.com. Is actually doing a v i p very important presentation. Ooh, see what I did there? V i p content. And, I'm just gonna, I usually don't share my screen, but I'm gonna go ahead and share my screen real quick.

I'm gonna find the window. Here it is. This one. Dude, look at this. This is literally one of the ones that we said was a v i P piece that people should be paying attention to. I'm like, oh my god, max and I were like, I don't know, twins or something, or joint. I don't know. But it's amazing. It's, it's amazing, dude.

I was like, yes, it's a 

[00:20:12] Max Cohen: Yes. That's gonna be a really cool one. I can't wait for it. John John's always got the juice when it comes to the, uh, HubSpot, a p i and what's on the horizon and

stuff. So it's gonna be great.

[00:20:20] George B. Thomas: Love it. 

[00:20:21] Liz Moorehead: Devin, 

[00:20:21] Devyn Bellamy: you? 

[00:20:22] Liz Moorehead: about you? My dude?

[00:20:23] Devyn Bellamy: All So I have, two. One is, a subject that is very, you know, near and dear to me. I had to switch cameras 'cause my camera died. I'm so depressed. but, one is, about work life balance and parenting specifically. Oh yeah. And, and those are huge. Like, you can see Parenting's important to me.

You can, you can see like, I, I keep, artwork from the kids on the office wall. but, uh, this one is a meetup. It's balance and stretch making working parenthood work. this one, uh, it says, joins the founders of Mamava and Mother, honestly, plus other parents and caregivers. For a series of fun exercises designed to get out of your head and tap into your inner wisdom like that.

Like for me, that's huge. and I know like, uh, a lot of parents deal with, guilt, for the amount of work that they're putting in, the amount of time that they're investing in their jobs. So, that one is, is definitely one of the ones on the top of my list. And, the other one is by 

[00:21:24] George B. Thomas: Uhoh Uhoh. He's breaking the rules.

[00:21:27] Devyn Bellamy: one. Okay. I'll do the second one. 

[00:21:29] George B. Thomas: Bad human,

[00:21:31] Devyn Bellamy: We need to. 

[00:21:33] Liz Moorehead: One official demerit to Devin. One official demerit to Devin. Hurtful. Hurtful,

[00:21:41] George B. Thomas: but I will say this. I will say this. The fact that that's what Devin picked. Good human. I'm gonna throw that out there.

[00:21:48] Liz Moorehead: it. All right, well I will share mine. my first one, well, let me first go into the background of how I chose. So I'm gonna tell you the thing that I do every year that I go to inbound, whether I'm attending virtually or in person, I go to the session filters and I see what stuff they have about content because surprise, surprise, your resident content strategist caress about whether or not there are sessions about actually how the sausage gets made when it comes to content.

And guess what guys? There isn't.

[00:22:16] Max Cohen: What? 

No sausage. 

[00:22:20] George B. Thomas: No, there's sausage, bro. It, there's food trucks.

[00:22:23] Max Cohen: Oh God. Thank God.

[00:22:24] Liz Moorehead: high level content sausage, right? There's high level like, let's talk about this, let's talk about that. But once again, this is my one, like my one petty grievance that I have every year. And I don't know if it's because there is a deficit of content focused specialists who are willing to speak at the

[00:22:43] George B. Thomas: Oh,

[00:22:44] Liz Moorehead: or what it is, but every single year I go and I walk away going, I love that I have learned so much of what to do with content once I've created it, but how do I actually create it? How do I actually do it? Because that's the thing, right? We sit down in front of our keyboards and we have existential crises about our expertise and abilities and our thoughts and dreams and beliefs and whether or not we're special boys and girls who will actually achieve our dreams one day. But like surprises me, we have a whole industry built around content and nobody talks about it. Nobody we're supposed to rely.

[00:23:19] George B. Thomas: Come on, inbound. Come

[00:23:21] Max Cohen: chat g p t and ask you to write us a blog post now.

[00:23:24] Liz Moorehead: Marcus Sheridan does have a talk about like building trust with content in the AI era, which I think is very fascinating, but that's not one of the ones I chose, although I'm sure it'll be a great talk. But like I just thought to throw it out there, I don't know if it's an inbound issue or if it is a, people aren't talking about it issue because George, you and I have had this conversation.

There are a surprising few people like me, like our friend Kevin Phillips, like there, it is surprising to me how many we don't have in terms of content specialists in the industry. And I'm wondering if it's also like they just don't know that they should be talking if they are. So it may not be a HubSpot inbound issue.

It may be a something around like, well, nobody's submitting anything.

[00:24:05] George B. Thomas: yeah. Let's, let's a ask the masses, right? Like, you're listening to this, you're watching this. If you're in the community, have you seen this at other events where you just don't see the, like, how to make it, how, how, how it can be made, right? It can be made efficiently, it can be made. So it's just tasty.

Good. Like, let us know, hit us up on the, the Twitters or hit us up in the community or the, oh, it's not Twitters anymore. Dang

[00:24:30] Max Cohen: Hit us up on the x.

[00:24:32] George B. Thomas: hit us up on the ax,

[00:24:33] Liz Moorehead: just won't give it to you unless it's content and then you're not gonna get it.

[00:24:36] George B. Thomas: by the way, Liz, before we move forward, make sure you, um, at mention, Kevin Phillips, uh, because we mentioned him one once in the podcast too.

[00:24:45] Liz Moorehead: I will mention him right

[00:24:47] George B. Thomas: LinkedIn. We'll tag everybody. We'll tag everybody that we talk about once in this episode on LinkedIn. It's just, it's a new strategy. It's not happening enough on LinkedIn.

[00:24:56] Liz Moorehead: It's not. It's not.

[00:24:57] George B. Thomas: No, not enough not.

[00:24:58] Liz Moorehead: So I'm throwing that out there. That is my petty grievance. Um, and, and to your point, George, the year that I spoke at Inbound, I did a totally wonky, like, you, you all know the term brand voice. Do you know how to define it? And it was like a standing room only type of thing.

And it was really cool to, and I had people come up to me saying, like, I actually was taught how to do a content thing instead of just being talked around it. So my first one though, actually has nothing to do with content. I'm gonna be perfectly honest, because, well, first of all, none there. So there's that.

Um, but also the other thing too is that I am very privileged that one of the clients I work with actually does a, uh, they, one of their primary competencies is that they work with organizations, schools, parents and practitioners, to implement D E I A programs. Within their organizations, schools, or solving specific sensitive challenges.

Um, and she's been doing this work in Los Angeles for, about more than 15, 20 years. Just a really remarkable woman. Her name is, uh, Colette Bowers Zinn. And um, what I struck me is that when I was when I was going through the agenda, a particular talk came up that really caught my eye and it is belonging intersection of d e I and customer experience with Dan Gingis and Shannon Hughes or Shauna Hughes.

what I love about this is that there is more emphasis now on organizational leaders making a purposeful priority out of D E I A initiatives. And there are good reasons for that, right? Like there's the good human side of it, which is like, well, number one, by 2045, did you guys know that I. People who are considered quote unquote minorities will likely be the majority.

So there's that. Organizations make 87% better decisions when they have a more diverse and inclusive workforce. And then if you are just there for the money, because I know some people are more diverse, organizations usually make 2.5% more cashflow per employee. So there is the business case for it as well.

But what I found fascinating about this is that while it is also talking about d e I initiatives, internally, they are talking about how d e I is something that can also be integrated in, uh, can and should be integrated into your customer experience. Now, this feels like an obvious thing, like if you, like, we're all, it's not just diverse inside our walls.

Like all the humans are diverse. That is, that is the human experience. But I think what is really exciting to me about this is that it's not, it's taking people out of this very binary way of thinking of like, it is an HR concept. This is the thing that we have to do in order to check the box and da, da, da.

It's about making a more holistic approach to d e i and especially when it comes to the humans that you serve, which is something I know we're very passionate about here. So that's my, that's my first recommendation. I would highly recommend people check that out. Um,

[00:27:44] George B. Thomas: I, I, hang on, I wanna chime in here. I love that you brought this one up. I'll tell you why, because I love Dan. Dan is a great human, and I'm saying that he's a great human because if you haven't checked out the podcast, that him, I don't know if they're still doing it, but it, there's a lot of historical juicy goodness, especially for our service folks that might be listening to this.

Uh, if you have not checked out the experience, this podcast with Joey Coleman and Dan Gingis, you should definitely check it out. And also, if you're like, Ooh, that sounds like something we might be interested in our organization, then go to dan gingis.com. Now, I don't say that for everybody, and by the way, I love Dan enough that Liz, don't tag Dan into this crazy long link post that we're gonna do, where we're mentioning everybody.

Just leave him out of it. He's a good human. No. Ah, I shouldn't say that. Everybody's a good human. Don't tag anybody.

[00:28:33] Liz Moorehead: Don't tag anybody. What about our best friend of the pod, Barack Obama? We go on picnics with him every Saturday.

[00:28:40] George B. Thomas: tag him

[00:28:41] Max Cohen: Mm. Yes.

[00:28:42] Liz Moorehead: Okay, George, actually keep your mic on because you're up next.

[00:28:45] George B. Thomas: I know.

[00:28:46] Liz Moorehead: us your second pick.

[00:28:47] George B. Thomas: Yes,

[00:28:48] Max Cohen: turn his mic off? Ah, boom.

[00:28:50] Liz Moorehead: I'd like to pretend live in an aspirational world.

[00:28:54] George B. Thomas: I don't turn my mic off, but I do my wife. Okay. Boom, boom. Shh. Let's go. I'm just kidding. I'm

[00:29:01] Liz Moorehead: Kelly's

find you. 

[00:29:04] George B. Thomas: Oh God. You know, I'm in so much trouble right now 'cause Noah edits this and he's gonna be like, mom, guess what Dad said on the bucket?

[00:29:09] Liz Moorehead: You're totally gonna get ratted out by

[00:29:11] George B. Thomas: Oh,

[00:29:11] Liz Moorehead: man. You're totally gonna get ratted

[00:29:13] George B. Thomas: I probably should start building the, the doghouse right now.

[00:29:16] Devyn Bellamy: Yeah. 

[00:29:16] Liz Moorehead: Yes, I would do that.

[00:29:18] George B. Thomas: now. Okay. So let's move forward. Oh God, I'm really in trouble. Okay, let's,

[00:29:23] Liz Moorehead: Hi Kelly. I'm the good

[00:29:25] George B. Thomas: hi Kelly. How are you doing? alright, so, uh, you know, you can give Kelly a high five when you see her at inbound and be like, I don't know how you live with that dude. Okay, moving on. Um, my second one is a blueprint to build your webinar and virtual event strategy.

And I'll tell you why I picked this one because months and months ago, I did a podcast episode for the Marketing Smarts podcast. Uh, for marketing profs, and it was with Mark Killins, but at that point he was with air meat and we were talking about event growth strategies. And it sent me down this like research thing of wanting to do events.

By the way, we're doing a podcast right now. No, we're not. We're doing an event. You literally go into the community right now, it says live. There can be people asking questions in the chat pan. There's a button that you could be like hit the call in and actually step on stage with us, and we, you could ask a question and we could answer it like we're literally doing an event.

Everything can be an event. You just have to start to change your mind on how you're doing it and where you're doing it and why you're doing it. And so for this one, Everybody likes a good blueprint, baby. I want a blueprint to build less webinar ish, but more event style strategy around G B T and around hub heroes.

Tessa Baron, VP of marketing from on 24. Okay. growth and acquisition marketing. Marketing ops and marketing. Tech, by the way, was the tags that were with this one. And driving growth today takes a change of mindset. By the way, we may be talking about webinars and events right now. We may be talking about business right now, or we may be talking about just life in general. Let me read that again For the people in the back grow. Driving growth, personal or professional today takes a change of mindset from how we plan, scale, optimize, and align for success.

Marketers need to rethink. The fundamentals of how we engage audiences, build relationships, and deliver revenue in a digital first world. Mm mm mm.

[00:31:27] Max Cohen: Hmm.

[00:31:27] George B. Thomas: Can somebody just drop the mic? Mine's hooked to an arm. I can't drop a mic. If I had one, I,

[00:31:33] Liz Moorehead: Thanks, max.

[00:31:34] George B. Thomas: now.

[00:31:34] Liz Moorehead: Wow.

[00:31:35] Max Cohen: Dropped it.

[00:31:36] Liz Moorehead: You know what? For the keynote. Shout out to our best friends, Dharmesh and Brian, who will see at brunch this weekend. 'cause they're also best friends of the pod. We'll give you the recording of Max doing that on video and when you make whatever big announcement you're gonna make this year, just have that cute little thing of Max just going,

[00:31:53] George B. Thomas: Dropping the mic.

[00:31:54] Liz Moorehead: boop.

[00:31:54] George B. Thomas: know, we should actually, when we see them at brunch, we should ask them if they want to come and be on the show at some point.

[00:31:59] Liz Moorehead: We totally should.

[00:32:00] George B. Thomas: That'd be fun.

[00:32:01] Max Cohen: Are they gonna have sausage at the brunch?

[00:32:03] Liz Moorehead: Max, what's your second choice?

[00:32:05] Max Cohen: My second choice, this is about ai. I dunno. Alright,

[00:32:12] George B. Thomas: Oh

[00:32:12] Max Cohen: I'm freaked out about, I'm freaked out about ai.

[00:32:15] George B. Thomas: Oh, I love ai. What are you talking about? Oh, anyway.

[00:32:18] Liz Moorehead: are coming for

[00:32:18] George B. Thomas: why

[00:32:19] Max Cohen: I've watched, Hey, listen, I've watched too many scary podcasts about ai, not to be freaked out about ai. but Sinead Bovell, founder of way is, uh, she's a futurist, so she studies the future Right.

And forecasts the future. Right? Yeah. She's done a lot of cool stuff. Yeah,

[00:32:40] Liz Moorehead: future, does that, like, can you even be tested on that? Because there are no right or wrong answers,

[00:32:44] Max Cohen: exactly.

[00:32:45] George B. Thomas: ooh.

[00:32:46] Max Cohen: Yeah. Yeah. Um, so sh. Dubbed the AI Educator for the Non Nerds by Vogue. Sinead Bovell is changing the narrative of who should be talking tech get sade's straightforward take on technology and the future in this session, exploring the exciting possibilities and concerns. I've got concerns of an immersion AI powered future, focusing on how to adapt and when to resist.

So, the session's called preparing for the AI boom, the perspective of a futurist. anyway, I'm, I'm super stoked on it. I've just heard a lot. I mean, AI's cool. Don't get me wrong. I've been, I've been, I've been trying to. Opened up my mind to a lot more of it. I think I was just so sour on it when it first, you know, when I first started realizing that like, ah, man, people are already so bad at creating content anyway.

It's gonna be even worse when they can just tell a machine. No, no, your, your, your poetry is one of the best parts of it. But like, you know, I've always just been, it's just like, man, listen, creating content is a tough thing to do and it kind of sucks that people can just go and just tell a robot to write a blog post or create content, but maybe it doesn't suck.

Maybe that's just the new paintbrush these days, and it's all about being really good at prompts and all this other stuff. But anyway, significantly freaked out about it, so I want to hear her take on it and, and all that, and we'll see. I don't know. I'm so weird about how I feel about ai. I'm trying to explore those feelings, you know what I mean?


[00:34:11] George B. Thomas: have to have a future AI focused podcast. We have

[00:34:16] Liz Moorehead: just max crying for 45 minutes and saying, I'm fine.

[00:34:20] Max Cohen: Let's get Dylan from chats who's working on chats spot to come in and talk to us about it.

[00:34:24] George B. Thomas: Let's get Dylan Ellberg on here. Let's have a conversation. don't usually promote just our normal blog on here, but ladies and gentlemen, if you wanna know how I feel about ai, head over to george b thomas.com. I just wrote an article like last week about ai, memory bank custom, uh, instructions chat, g p t, communicating with an assistant, training an assistant, um, making something sound like your best friend.


[00:34:54] Max Cohen: Dude, George. When can I talk to, when can I talk to chat g Bt?

[00:34:58] George B. Thomas: bro, I tried to buy that domain $65,000 later. Never.

[00:35:03] Max Cohen: Oh my

[00:35:04] George B. Thomas: Never will you talk to that.

[00:35:06] Max Cohen: Oh

[00:35:07] George B. Thomas: I mean, unless I win the lottery. If I win the lottery, I'd probably do it, but no.

[00:35:11] Liz Moorehead: Are you okay though, bud? You got a little emotional about the robots.

[00:35:15] George B. Thomas: It's just such

[00:35:16] Liz Moorehead: you before we move on.

[00:35:17] George B. Thomas: it's such an interesting conversation and it's, it's one that I can see. I'm not a futurist, but I see it becoming, I see it becoming divisions in the way that people fundamentally think and believe that they can or should be doing business. And it, it stresses me out because people already put too many restraints on.

Like imagine saying to yourself, eh, I don't need to use the printing press. Eh, I don't

[00:35:46] Liz Moorehead: hard Pass on the

[00:35:47] George B. Thomas: I don't need to use the internet. Ah, mobile phones. Nope, not for me. This, I mean, literally, this might be one of the most massive changes. In what we call the world in forever. So please don't think of it as just a marketing conversation ' cause it's not. Anyway, different episode. Let's move forward. We're talking about inbound.

[00:36:13] Liz Moorehead: Max, are you okay bud?

[00:36:14] Max Cohen: Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out how I could just like, I don't know, three D, print an AI generated N F T, you know what

[00:36:19] Liz Moorehead: What I would


[00:36:20] Max Cohen: turn it into a crypto and take it to the moon, baby.

[00:36:25] George B. Thomas: Let's go.

[00:36:25] Liz Moorehead: all I would recommend is that if you see Johnny Five rolling down the hallway, uh, at inbound, just like fall to your knees and say, I for one, welcome our AI over Lords and then move on. Anyway, Devin.

[00:36:37] Devyn Bellamy: say that to my Alexa daily. 

[00:36:39] George B. Thomas: Yeah.

[00:36:39] Liz Moorehead: Aw. I

wish it would let me rename it Johnny five, but it

[00:36:43] George B. Thomas: That would be dope.

[00:36:44] Liz Moorehead: that would be

[00:36:45] George B. Thomas: I do call mine computer 

[00:36:46] Devyn Bellamy: I used to do that, but I say the word computer too

much and it would be like, what? And I'm like, shut up

computer Like, sorry.

[00:36:54] Liz Moorehead: Alright, kids. Devin, 

[00:36:56] Devyn Bellamy: My next pick that I was immediately gonna go into, but then I earned a demerit earlier,

[00:37:01] Liz Moorehead: You did, you did official demerit. 

[00:37:03] Devyn Bellamy: by one of, used to be one of my favorite podcasts. it was, I think it was Rev Ops podcast. Now I'm drawing a brain fart on, on the name of his podcast. But Sangram Var

[00:37:13] Liz Moorehead: Are you drawing it with watercolors or pastels?

[00:37:16] George B. Thomas: I

[00:37:16] Max Cohen: you draw a fart?

[00:37:17] George B. Thomas: hold, hold

  1. You can. I'm pretty sure you can have a brain fart. I've never tried to draw one. I'm

[00:37:25] Liz Moorehead: Be quiet. The man is an artist. And now 

tell us 

[00:37:27] Devyn Bellamy: I could do it.

I have Photoshop open right 

now that 

[00:37:31] Liz Moorehead: butt on The

wall and 

[00:37:32] Devyn Bellamy: may end up in the

show notes. You guys keep playing, but, uh, yeah, I, I'm drawing a blank

in having a brain fart. Okay. Let me just mix my idioms in peace, please. But, uh,

[00:37:43] Liz Moorehead: do you use 

[00:37:44] George B. Thomas: the old man now?

[00:37:45] Liz Moorehead: them? Do you use a bowl and a whisk or a stand mixer to mix your idioms?

[00:37:49] George B. Thomas: Oh my God. 

[00:37:51] Devyn Bellamy: I use a rubber 

[00:37:52] George B. Thomas: Devin. We digress.

[00:37:54] Liz Moorehead: We're doing great. Trust us with your inbounds and your hub Heroing. We're here for you always.

[00:38:04] George B. Thomas: baby. 

[00:38:06] Liz Moorehead: Who decided? Friday afternoons were a good idea.

[00:38:09] Devyn Bellamy: after lunch. I'm 


[00:38:11] George B. Thomas: Oh.

[00:38:11] Devyn Bellamy: this, food counter. Um, 

[00:38:13] Liz Moorehead: All right, Devin, what is it? What is it out with it?

[00:38:16] Devyn Bellamy: so this, this particular one is the, 11 irrefutable go-to-market plays. That simply work by, Sangram, uh, Vare. He is, he is like the dude, if you've ever listened. He, he, uh, co-founded Terminus. he is like, uh, the Flip My Funnel podcast. That was the name of it.

he is the dude who is like, was talking about rev ops before anybody, and had podcasts devoted to it. The thing is, it says, most people imagine starting and growing a business is something either daunting or nearly impossible. Unfortunately, data suggests that less than 1% of the companies to a million in revenue in their lifetime, much less than a year.

Sangram had the opportunity to start two companies in the last 10 year that grew from zero to million in nine months. Join this session to learn practical examples, regardless of your startup or a big company on how you can jumpstart your business. With these 11 plays, a G T M operating system, an r o I model, you can steal it and apply it today.

definitely. hoping I can sneak in and see that one. That's one of the things that sucks about being a HubSpot employee, going to HubSpot or going to Inbound, is that there is a very good chance that I'm going to be working during, uh, while he's on the discovery 

[00:39:32] Max Cohen: Mm. 

[00:39:33] Devyn Bellamy: Um, but I think I'm gonna be working right next door to the stage.

So I'm, I'm gonna keep an eye

out for what he's got going on. 

[00:39:39] Max Cohen: I'll cover you.

[00:39:40] Liz Moorehead: it. 

[00:39:41] Devyn Bellamy: You'll fit right in and lock it in 

[00:39:42] Liz Moorehead: Unless there are robots, in which case, Matt, because there's gonna be in the fetal position on the floor crying. But that's, you know, like we said, that's a, that's an episode for a 

[00:39:49] Devyn Bellamy: I'll, I'll, I'll 

[00:39:51] Max Cohen: Boston Dynamics. Stay back.

[00:39:53] Devyn Bellamy: with you Max, so you can wear my black and inbound shirt and just be the vibe checker in the space. And then I'll head over to the 

[00:39:59] Max Cohen: Oh yeah. That'll go well.

[00:40:01] George B. Thomas: There 

[00:40:01] Liz Moorehead: I'm Devin.

[00:40:03] George B. Thomas: Yeah. Yeah. question though, like, does anybody else find it odd

that they talked about not many businesses make it to making a million in a year?

[00:40:15] Devyn Bellamy: In their lifetime. 

[00:40:16] George B. Thomas: Yeah. And yeah.

Wait, that

[00:40:17] Devyn Bellamy: You'd be surprised


[00:40:20] George B. Thomas: I'm, struggling with that, 

[00:40:22] Devyn Bellamy: I've started six different businesses and only two of them have made

it into six figures, so I understand that


[00:40:29] Liz Moorehead: Different story, different day. My turn. It's my turn.

[00:40:34] George B. Thomas: Get it.

[00:40:34] Liz Moorehead: Thank you. Hi. I hesitate to say this one. Because it's gonna make one of our hosts completely insufferable with ego.

But when I looked

[00:40:42] George B. Thomas: Oh yeah. 

[00:40:44] Liz Moorehead: if you're wondering, it's George. Yay 

[00:40:47] Devyn Bellamy: let this guy in.

[00:40:49] Liz Moorehead: 'cause when I, yes, yes they did.

[00:40:52] George B. Thomas: Who's that


[00:40:53] Devyn Bellamy: Oh my goodness.

[00:40:54] Liz Moorehead: the

[00:40:54] George B. Thomas: Tag him. Tag him on LinkedIn in this post, like spam the crap out of this guy that 

[00:40:58] Devyn Bellamy: And screenshot his headshot in this thing

too, because this

guy in this headshot, oh my goodness.

[00:41:07] Liz Moorehead: outstanding. So I went through the entire agenda and I was like, don't make it that I have to pick this one. Don't make this be the right one to pick. Which of course meant it was the right one to pick, actually. All kidding aside, I am here. I am standing. I am here as the number one super fan of George's session.

I believe it's on Wednesday, right? Is it Wednesday? Yep. Six No Es reasons why your sales enablement strategy sucks. Now I've got a couple of reasons why I'm really hyped about it. Number one, kidding aside, if you haven't seen George speak, you gotta see George speak because I don't know about y'all. Have you ever been to inbound sessions where you're like, I did not realize I accidentally stumbled into a 30 minute timeshare commercial.

Like you're not actually learning anything, you're not actually walking away with anything, or stuff is like too high level or abstract, like you can't act. So every time we've seen George speak, which has been at Inbound, it's been at Impact Live, it's been at Marketing profs. Like you go there to learn and you walk away with tools.

And my understanding, George, we're not, we can't talk about it yet, but you've got some special little goodies that you're gonna be giving people who attend this specific session. Now, the other reason I'm really hyped about this is that in addition to being the person who will bang on Dharmesh and Brian's door until they finally do a content focused session at Inbound, is I'm also a big sales enablement champion.

And the reason for that is, is because I actually spent six months on the sales team at Impact as their dedicated content strategist. And it literally, you can ask Tom Desippio, who's still at Impact, I'm a woman of Tech and Grace. So when he told me, Liz, you are doing such a great job as the marketing team, content strategist, we're gonna have you go be the dedicated one that they're the sales team.

I blurted out, am I being punished? And I think that is very symbolic of the problem that we have in with sales enablement, right? Like sales enablement sounds like a good idea. And marketers, I'm pretty sure you know how to spell it. Do you actually know what sales enablement content is? What a sales enablement strategy looks like?

Are you sure you actually have a strategy or did you just find a blog one day that said sales enablement, showed it to your boss and then made something resembling sales enablement, but quietly, somewhere in the dark, your sales teams are like, these leads suck. This content sucks. They are not helping us.

You need to go to this session because you, George George. I got a little sneak peek because I'm greedy. I'm an only child who can't wait until Christmas morning. So I got a little sneak peek of what he's gonna be talking about. He literally goes through the six very specific ways in which your sales enablement strategy is failing.

Lays out an entire roadmap of how to unf your sales enablement strategy. But then the best part of what I really like about it is because really rolling out a whole sales enablement ecosystem within your organization is freaking terrifying. So what you're actually gonna be giving people is, so this is the, this is the entire kingdom you're gonna be building, but here are the first six steps you need to take right now.

So it's gonna be tactical, it's gonna be a thing that genuinely, as many of our inbound practitioners like to say, move the needle. Getting up there with accelerating, unlocking, and discovering. Guys, we may need to retire that very soon, but like for now, this is gonna move the needle if you want. To make friends with your sales team, which you should marketers, so you don't look like an expense and look like a profit center.

You need to be there.

[00:44:28] George B. Thomas: Yeah, Liz, first of all, thanks for bringing this up. Like I had zero clue, clue and, and what I'll say a little bit of a behind the scenes, um, flow here is this is easily the talk out of my entire life of giving talks. The one that I have researched the most, the one that I have contemplated of what I wanted to talk about the most, uh, the one that I've dove in for.

Um, other thought leader quotes, statistics, um, tied it back to just fundamental human communication and understanding like, like this, this for me is, it's less about just an inbound talk. And it's more about what might be a G B T version three of a topic that I have now fallen in love with. And we'll start to really put the hammer down on how do we start fixing this in organizations.

[00:45:26] Liz Moorehead: Yeah, because that's the great thing about this talk is you're going into the tactics. The human side of it. And I think that's usually where people get tripped up, right? Like there are two parts of this equation. There's the sales enablement strategy itself that needs to be executed, but it begins with the humans who actually need to play well together, not rum, scissors, actually trust each other and actually get the work done.

And that usually, usually that's the part that gets missed. So that is my final choice. I know we are at time, fellas, but I would love to just lob one other thing. George, did you wanna share your spotlight?

[00:45:58] George B. Thomas: So just real quick, I'll do it real quick. I'll do it

[00:46:01] Liz Moorehead: ahead. Go ahead.

[00:46:01] George B. Thomas: Oh, ladies and gentlemen, I'm, I'm just saying, uh, first of all, it says spotlight comma, livestream. So even if you're not going, just know that it says livestream. does anybody sitting here know who Andrew? Uh, hub Huberman, Huberman. I, I'm, I'm stuck at that.

Anyway, uh, neurobiology professor and host. Uh, and, and it's also with Brian Halligan. So it's the two of them together. Um, co-founder and executive chairperson. By the way, HubSpot, culture and community sales strategy, brand and creative is the literal tags that they use for this one, a conversation with Andrew, exploring the power of intense focus, mindfulness. rest to fuel creativity and strengthen the culture of a team.

[00:46:55] Max Cohen: Hmm. Nice.

[00:46:57] Liz Moorehead: yes, please.

[00:46:59] George B. Thomas: More of that please.

[00:47:01] Liz Moorehead: More of that, please.


[00:47:02] Max Cohen: plug another session?

[00:47:04] Liz Moorehead: Yes. Would you like to plug the other two that you

[00:47:06] George B. Thomas: Noah's gonna be like,

[00:47:07] Max Cohen: just one. Just

[00:47:08] George B. Thomas: already hear this in my house, by the way. Noah is gonna come down, he's gonna open the file and he's gonna be like, it's 65 minutes.

[00:47:16] Liz Moorehead: You know what, Noah, you know what? We got big brain stuff happening here this week, man. And we gotta make sure the big brain stuff gets to the big brain audience.

[00:47:24] Max Cohen: Hey, if you're looking for a big brain session, the boys from, the boys from happily

[00:47:29] George B. Thomas: There you go. I knew it was

[00:47:30] Liz Moorehead: there we

[00:47:31] George B. Thomas: knew it was coming.

[00:47:32] Max Cohen: Hey,

[00:47:32] Liz Moorehead: we go. Shill for big Popsicle.

[00:47:37] Max Cohen: big Po Big Pleta, uh, I'll have, you know.

[00:47:40] George B. Thomas: Chilling away. Go ahead, brother. Talk about

[00:47:44] Max Cohen: c e o Dax, our head of product and Tyrone, our c t o, are doing a session called Integrate your app with HubSpot to leverage a growth channel where they're gonna be sharing a whole ton of secrets on how to build apps for the HubSpot app marketplace. So you, if you are a, like a HubSpot partner, or you are a developer and you're starting to see the writing on the walls in terms of like the opportunity that is the HubSpot app marketplace and you are building apps on HubSpot.

Curious, right? Um, these guys have done it time and time and time and time and time again. That's partly why I was such big fans of them and why I'm working with them now. Um, but they're gonna be sharing all the secrets on like how to actually build apps on HubSpot, how to take 'em to market, how to drive adoption, all that kind of stuff.


[00:48:30] George B. Thomas: dude,

[00:48:31] Max Cohen: I mean, I wouldn't be a chief evangelist without calling that out. You gotta go check it out. It's gonna be

[00:48:34] George B. Thomas: I'm there. I have the greatest app idea. I'm gonna be there. I'm gonna be at that session. Because I wanna build a HubSpot, uh, integrated app that when you tag a shit ton of people on LinkedIn and put out a post that it fries your entire HubSpot ecosystem and you can't use it anymore.

[00:48:52] Liz Moorehead: Fried,

[00:48:52] Max Cohen: It just automatically violates some kind of G D P R rule.

[00:48:56] George B. Thomas: down. Just melts down. Just melt. Bye.

[00:49:00] Max Cohen: it deletes your it delete, it deletes your LinkedIn account.

[00:49:03] Liz Moorehead: in case our listeners are wondering, uh, this is an educational podcast and a cry for help. It's both. It can be both and.

[00:49:10] George B. Thomas: I need a

[00:49:11] Max Cohen: Do you agree? Do you agree? What are your thoughts? Do you agree?

[00:49:15] George B. Thomas: Uh, let us know. Are you tired of getting tagged into LinkedIn and having to go, why am I on this?

[00:49:22] Max Cohen: Yes.

[00:49:22] George B. Thomas: me look.

[00:49:25] Liz Moorehead: Alright

guys, calm down. Or everyone gets to merits. That's right. Invisible 

[00:49:30] Devyn Bellamy: hand them out so it's not just me. No, 

[00:49:33] Liz Moorehead: No, Devin, it's gonna be

just you this week. See, you spoke up, you spoke outta turn. Now you got a double demerit.

[00:49:39] Max Cohen: Ricky Rickson commented on 

[00:49:41] Devyn Bellamy: I was literally talking at the same time as George and I get Okay, that's fine. No, that's fine. I see how it is.

That's cool. Yeah, sure am. Sure am.

[00:49:52] Liz Moorehead: the violence?

[00:49:53] George B. Thomas: there's gonna be, there's gonna be a poem about Liz from Devin. Next time she don't show up for the

[00:49:57] Liz Moorehead: I know, I know that. But the last thing, you wrote a poem about me. I really liked it. And so you know there's that. I

mean, it 

[00:50:03] George B. Thomas: gonna be a different poem this time. I can feel it. I can feel it.

[00:50:07] Liz Moorehead: I can feel

[00:50:07] Max Cohen: I can feel it

[00:50:08] Liz Moorehead: feeling that last question guys, if you could give one piece of advice to our listeners about how to get the most outta the sessions for the breakout sessions specifically, what would it be? I will go last. 

[00:50:19] Max Cohen: if you're gonna take notes. Do whatever you can do to keep yourself in the moment. I mean, I know for me, if I'm taking notes on a laptop, I'm easily distracted by. The internet. Um, and so I guess like, I don't know, if you haven't picked up a pen and paper in a while, go ahead and do that. Uh, but again, that's just for me, someone who's easily distracted, like be there, be in the moment, soak it all in, you know, you could always watch a recording if there is one.

So if there is one, let that be your notes. But, you know, just, just be present.

[00:50:45] Liz Moorehead: Actually, you know what, I'm gonna hop in here with mine

[00:50:47] George B. Thomas: Oh, 

[00:50:47] Liz Moorehead: I will say no, I gotta hop in here with mine 'cause it's related to Max's only because of what he just said. So when I spoke at Inbound, something was wrong with the recording equipment and it ended up not being recorded at all. So my, I don't know if this is legal, but I don't work for HubSpot, so, oh, well, record it, put it on a voice memo.

That way you can stay in the moment. And also, you don't know when those recordings are gonna be available. You don't know when they're gonna make the slides available. If you wanna be able to be in the moment, absorb, ask questions you would not have normally asked because you're busy frantically taking pictures of the slides or scribbling stuff down that you will not remember the next time, record it and then go to rev.com and do an AI transcription, which is like, it's like a sentiment.

It's like stupidly. It's stupidly cheap. I do like recordings on it all the time. It'll be like, this is a 35 minute recording. It will cost you $4. Like do that instead. So you can be there and be present. Sorry George, I didn't mean to jump in. I hope you understand why it.

[00:51:46] George B. Thomas: Yeah, there's actually an app that will record the audio and allow you to take notes at the same time and timestamp where you're actually putting your notes, like, it's like an iPad. I forget the name of it. I used it for a couple of events that I went to. It was really kind of dope.

So I, what's funny though is I was going in the same direction as Max, where I'm like, maybe put down your device, maybe get a, like physical pencil or pen, get a piece of paper. Um, and definitely jot down because by the way, there's just something fundamentally different about writing it down on paper or writing it in the style of normal writing.

Even if it's not paper and pen. Maybe it's, um, uh,

[00:52:23] Max Cohen: A parchment and

[00:52:25] George B. Thomas: Well, no, but I have one too, and I can't even remember the dang name of it. It's like it doesn't have the internet basically. It's not gonna give you notifications. You're not gonna be able to fly over to social, but it's like a pen and you write on like what feels like an iPad type

[00:52:39] Max Cohen: Oh, a paper.

Isn't it 

[00:52:41] George B. Thomas: what it's called?

[00:52:42] Liz Moorehead: Wait, are you talking about remarkable?

[00:52:44] George B. Thomas: Remarkable.

[00:52:44] Max Cohen: Yeah, yeah, yeah.


[00:52:46] George B. Thomas: one and I was, it's, listen, I'm getting old. I I was drawing a brain fart much like Devin was drawing a brain fart earlier. I couldn't remember the name of it. Yeah, yeah. So, yeah, so like, even if it's like a remarkable or regular paper, but like this, this whole thing, the fact that most of us, 'cause we'll see what Devin was gonna say at this point so far, most of us were like, be present, be in the moment.

Jot down your notes, forget the internet exists. Make sure you're creating a backup. You're going to gonna get back to it later. Here's what I'm gonna say. Have all of that, because what I want you to do on top of that, remarkable, or what I want you to do on top of your iPad or on the paper for every session you go to, I want you to write hashtag one thing, one thing out of that session that you want to implement when you get back because you can't implement everything.

But you can implement one thing out of each session that you go to and then go from there. Once those are done, I'm done.

[00:53:41] Liz Moorehead: I love that. Devin Demerit King.

[00:53:44] Devyn Bellamy: Wow. 

[00:53:44] Max Cohen: A ke.

[00:53:46] Devyn Bellamy: Wow, 

[00:53:48] Liz Moorehead: We stand a

[00:53:48] George B. Thomas: That's your Dungeons and Dragons name, by the way. Demerit King has 

[00:53:52] Devyn Bellamy: That actually sounds pretty, 

[00:53:54] Liz Moorehead: of brain


[00:53:56] Devyn Bellamy: get some rest that, yeah, 

[00:53:59] Liz Moorehead: Yes. 

[00:54:00] Devyn Bellamy: it's like this is inbound is draining in a great way.

Uh, you're, you're gonna get tired. you're gonna be tempted to go out and do all the things, see all the people, drink all the drinks and, and libations will be flowing. But, get some rest. at the end of the day, you're there primarily to come out better than you were when you went in.

And, uh, and rest is a weapon. You're, you're gonna be tired, you're gonna be tempted to fall asleep, especially if you find, uh, a breakout where someone is particularly monotonous. Uh, 'cause not everybody can be like, you know, cheerleader, back flip like George. So you, you, you gotta, uh, you, you gotta go into it rested, get some coffee in you, uh, stretch, keep the blood flowing.

And Max is picturing George in a cheerleading outfit now.

[00:54:48] Max Cohen: Yeah.

[00:54:49] George B. Thomas: Yeah, baby. Yeah, you are.

[00:54:53] Max Cohen: H is her HubSpot. Yeah. 

[00:54:55] Devyn Bellamy: Yeah.

kiss him, 


[00:54:56] George B. Thomas: Give me an h, h give me a

[00:54:58] Liz Moorehead: Oh

[00:54:59] Max Cohen: Yeah.

[00:54:59] Liz Moorehead: well, kids. On that note, happy first annual breakout session explosion Funtime with Hub

[00:55:05] George B. Thomas: let's go.

[00:55:06] Liz Moorehead: Wow, George. That's what we're going out on. Let's go.

[00:55:09] George B. Thomas: I, I, I don't know how to, I don't know how to, Liz. I don't know how to beat that. Sleep is a weapon. Rest is a weapon. Like,

[00:55:19] Liz Moorehead: So are the robots according to Max.

[00:55:21] George B. Thomas: Devin once again is like, let me nonchalantly throw this fire bomb into your lap. 

[00:55:28] Liz Moorehead: Max. Can you do another mic drop for us, for the, for the kids at home? Hold on.

[00:55:34] George B. Thomas: I hope you're watching this. I hope community, I hope you're going to the community dot hub heroes.com. I hope you watch this episode. The, the audio I know will just not do it justice.

[00:55:46] Max Cohen: up with this. Hold on one second. There you go.

[00:55:49] Liz Moorehead: What's that? Did I have a cap on it?

[00:55:51] Max Cohen: Huh? What? Yeah. Had had a cap on it.

[00:55:55] George B. Thomas: We

[00:55:56] Liz Moorehead: great. And on that note, get out. We're done. Goodbye. Happy Friday or whenever you're listening to this.

[00:56:01] Max Cohen: Oh, that's hot.