A Better Lead Qualification Framework.

Radar, Research, Revenue

Get sales & marketing teams on the same page with a framework that impacts your lead qualification process.





Is Your Marketing to Sales Lead Handoff Process Broken?

Is your HubSpot scoring strategy non-existent? Are your sales & marketing teams playing the blame game? Are you looking to get them on the same page and create a streamlined lead qualification process?

Do you know what equals a marketing-qualified lead vs. a sales-qualified lead or opportunity? Ready for something better than just lead scoring? It's time for a better way; it's time for RADAR, RESEARCH, and REVENUE!

In this five-week workshop, you'll learn to customize HubSpot and leverage:

  • Framework
  • Persona Qualified Leads
  • Informationally Qualified Leads
  • Engagement Qualified Leads
  • Time-based Score Degradation
  • Full-Funnel Lead Scoring
  • And much more ...

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Lead Scoring: Importance, Misconceptions, and How-to

In this week's 1-hour session, we'll share the fatal flaws of lead scoring, how to fix them, and the mentalities your team can use moving forward for success. We will walk you through the lead scoring matrix you can download and use to build your lead scoring roadmap before you get into HubSpot. Then we will show you how to do manual lead scoring in HubSpot that makes sense and works.

Better Scores: Radar, Research, Revenue & Qualified Pillars

In this week's 1-hour workshop, you'll continue to understand the historical issues and hurdles of quality lead qualification. You'll learn about internal mental triggers and the power of breaking down your process into three easy action-oriented steps RADAR, RESEARCH, and REVENUE.  You'll also be introduced to the next step of the lead qualification framework, your four qualification pillars.

Powerful Personas: Systems, Segments, & Second Questions

In this 1-hour workshop session, we'll dive into the world of Personas. But, with a twist focusing on list segmentation and automation based on persona selection. We'll help you define or refine your positive personas and unlock the time-saving power of negative personas, and lead qualification automation systems. We'll also teach you how to leverage "second smart" questions based on persona selection to truly understand the humans you are serving.

Creating Your Qualified Pillars: Properties, Lists, Views & Panels

In this week's 1-hour workshop, you'll learn the three main lead qualification pillars vital to your company's marketing-to-sales handoff process. You'll start to build out two of your pillars around your company's personas and how informed those personas are about the products and services you provide. You'll learn how to tweak this framework for any company of any size based on positive and negative indicators and content creation and site size. We'll show you how lists, emails, and automation can streamline your internal processes and delight your potential leads.

Messaging: Internal Personalization and Positioning

In this 1-hour workshop, it's time to put the puzzle pieces together. You now have the mindset, action triggers, and pillars in place. You'll learn to create internal and external communication, automate the MQL to SQL process, and customize your lead records with valuable information. After this session, you should have the ability to connect with hot leads for demos/sales conversations and start to nurture lukewarm leads to the point of revenue conversations

Bonus: SLA, Next Steps, & Q&A

In this 1-hour workshop, we spend a copious amount of time answering any specific questions you have for the final launch of your RADAR, RESEARCH, REVENUE framework. You'll also learn about the following steps to take this lead qualification framework to the next level for your sales & marketing teams. Not to mention how to now implement a sales & marketing SLA moving forward to keep both teams accountable to the lead handoff process, qualified pillar strategy, and RADAR, RESEARCH, REVENUE framework.

Streamlined Teams with Quality Leads!

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