I love to teach. Which also means I love to learn. And I’m always learning. Always striving to gather more information, skills and expertise. Take HubSpot for example. I hold every certification HubSpot offers, 21 in all. Why? Because if I’m going to train people and organizations about HubSpot, I need to know every nuance. Same thing when it comes to inbound marketing. And inbound sales. And in-house video. I am an expert in those, too. And I can teach you how to use them so your company can move to the next level.



The average person is exposed to 4,000 to 10,000 marketing messages each day. So how does any company expect to have their message listened to, much less remembered? Inbound marketing is the answer to that. By profiling the ideal client and identifying things like their wants, needs, interests and demographics, you can create customized inbound marketing campaigns that move your target audience to action. And here’s the best part – your audience chooses to engage with your marketing. They actually seek it out. Blogs. Podcasts. E-books. Webinars. All of it. Inbound marketing is effective, measurable and memorable. And I can help you master it.



Sales is about speed and timing. If one is off, even by a little bit, you can lose the whole deal. But when you use inbound methodologies to guide your sales efforts, everything is in sync. I can help your sales teams become proficient in using inbound sales tools and techniques. You’ll learn how to overcome challenges by utilizing templates, sequences, tracking, and quality lead identification practices. And you’ll learn to optimize your sales process to ensure your sales teams are unified in their actions. All you have to do click the button to get started.



Every day, over 500 million hours of video is watched on YouTube alone. Even more, video traffic is projected to account for 80% of consumer Internet traffic this year. I’ll get you in the game by helping you create a culture of video. We’ll discuss everything video – the gear, processes, types of video, production. Everything. Soon, you’ll be using video to simplify the complex, communicate in a more human way and build trust with prospects, leads and customers.

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