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If you’re researching what types of videos you need for your business, marketing, or sales, look no further! In this article and the video above, I’m going to share an absolutely necessary business video type that you need to have on your website and in general, your entire business video strategy.

What Are Business Video Types?

Before we dive into today’s business video type, in general, you should know that each of these business video types lives in a different location of your buyer’s journey aka your sales and marketing funnel so if you keep watching our video type series as we release them, you should have a well-rounded video strategy for your business moving forward.

Business Video ~ The Welcomer

So today’s business video type you need is called the welcomer. The welcomer should be in most cases upbeat and fun, it should draw your audience into whatever page the welcomer lives on. Now, if you have a more subdued voice or message, still have a welcomer but, modify the tips below to your needs. 

So, what is the welcomer’s native environment? Most times this will be a page like your home page or your website’s pillar pages. Oftentimes these types of videos have soft background music and some additional B-Roll but, they should never be overdone.

Think of these videos as the seasoning or the condiments of the page, not the hero.

Your welcomer video has three really important jobs to do.

The Welcomer: Welcome The Visitor

First, the welcomer needs to welcome the visitor to the page and to the video itself. In that welcome, you should thank the visitor for visiting, and or even pressing the play button. Make sure you also introduce yourself and the company name to them so they know who they’re about to take a journey with. 

Remember though, the idea here is to be human. But we’ll talk about that super-power a little later towards the end of the video. A the end of the day, the more human your welcomer video is, the easier it will be for it to get its second job done!

The Welcomer: Inform The Visitor

The second job the welcomer needs to complete is to inform the visitor. This might be things like what problem you solve. Or, maybe who you serve. You might put in things like how long you’ve been helping folks just like them or, even how long the company has been in business.

Bonus tips by the way if you actually cover several of these items as it will help the visitor know they are in the right spot. And, just like before, if they know they’re in the right spot, job number three becomes a breeze.

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The Welcomer: Lead The Visitor

The third job for the welcomer to do is to lead! By the way, this is the most important part. But, if you don’t hit the first two out of the park, most times the viewer doesn’t get to the part where you truly help them the most.

At this point in the welcome video, you should be thinking of yourself as a guide. If the welcomer is on the home page, you will want to show them two or three of your main buckets meaning the two to three pages you most want them to view next. In this tour guide direction, make sure you are also explaining the purpose of going to those pages.

If the welcomer lives on a page like a pillar page, you will want to help them navigate or understand the page they are about to navigate. The welcomer video on a pillar page should work hand-in0-hand with your Table of Contents and main heading sections of your page.

Keep in mind, a welcome video does not need to be a long video. Short and sweet and to the point, many times wins the day. Think about when someone comes to visit your house. The 50 cent tour usually is something like here’s the fridge, here’s the bathroom, in other words, here’s what you might need now, let’s get down to why you came, conversation and fun!

Now in the welcomer video’s case what you’re trying to get them to is the problem they’re trying to solve so they can fill out a form, and hopefully have an amazing conversation with a real human. But that’s an entirely different set of videos on the video types of “the Convertor” and “The Seller”.

The Welcomer's Superpower

The welcomer and its super-power! The welcomer should be designed to humanize your brand. Think about all the ways you act and things you do that are uber “human” and try to incorporate them into your welcomer video. By humanizing your brand, you will start building trust, and that my friends can dramatically impact the viewer’s journey and purchasing decision.

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We look forward to serving you in the next video about creating better business videos. Remember to be a happy, helpful, humble, human, and along the way remember to smile and hit record!

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