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Your Ultimate 2024 Inbound + HubSpot Stop, Start, Keep Showdown (HubHeroes, Ep. 65)

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What happens when you put the HubHeroes together for their last recording with the entire gang for all of 2023? Well, it's funny you should ask ... 

hubheroes-3You might say that shenanigans ... 

hubheroes-2... were afoot!

That's right! We're ended the year together with a ton of holiday cheer, and even Christmas-themed AI poem to boot! (To George's point, it had been awhile since we'd allowed our great robot overlords to grace us with some sweet rhymin' styles.)

But we didn't just get together for some virtual egg nog and George's virtual Santa fashion show ... 

hubheroes-1.... although George had quite a selection to share with us! We gathered 'round the HubHeroes fireplace for a rapid-fire overview of our favorite HubSpot and inbound recommendations. More specifically, each of us shared our individual answers to the following questions:

  • What should you stop doing with HubSpot and inbound in 2024?
  • What should you start doing with HubSpot and inbound in 2024?
  • What should you keep doing with HubSpot and inbound in 2024?

It doesn't matter what role you play in your organization, this is a must-listen episode as you start thinking about how you're going to crush your goals in 2024 and beyond.

What We Talked About

  • How we must all end our addiction to boring contact us pages ... and putting "Ops" at the end of everything.

  • How to make the most of the HubSpot Apps Marketplace
  • The importance of investing in content because, yes! Content still matters.
  • You need to stop buying email lists. Please, please, please stop. There is absolutely no reason to be doing this in 2024.
  • The importance of leveling-up your prospecting skills. 
  • Data hygiene needs to be a priority; it's not sexy, but it's powerful! 
  • Do you have a technology problem or do you have a strategy problem? Don't blame HubSpot, when it can only be as smart as what goes into it! 
  • Marketers need to prioritize their relationship with sales. There's so much more you can and should be doing, particularly with another potentially rocky year ahead.
  • You can never stop learning. Ever. Thankfully, HubSpot Academy can help.
  • Finally, we challenged you to embrace video, take down spammers with a taste of their own medicine, and to take a freakin' break. 

And so much more ... 

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Attention #HubSpot and #Inbound all-stars:

⛔ What should you stop doing with HubSpot and inbound in 2024?

✅ What should you start doing with HubSpot and inbound in 2024?

👍 What should you keep doing with HubSpot and inbound in 2024?

Tune into this week's episode of #HubHeroes to find out:


#inboundmarketing #salesmarketingalignment #salesenablement #emailmarketing #content #contentmarketing 

🤔 What do #datahygiene, purchased email lists, #prospecting, and boring contact us pages all have in common?

Tune into this week's episode of #HubHeroes to find out, as we showcase our hottest takes of what great #HubSpot and #Inbound strategies should look like in 2024:


#inboundmarketing #salesmarketingalignment #salesenablement #emailmarketing #content #contentmarketing 

🔥 If you're using #HubSpot or #Inbound to hit your goals in 2024, it's time to grab a snack and a backpack, because we're taking you on an adventure on this week's episode of #HubHeroes!

In this extra festive and spicy 🌶️ episode, the gang runs through their hottest takes on what it will take to see inbound success in 2024! 


#inboundmarketing #salesmarketingalignment #salesenablement #emailmarketing #content #contentmarketing 

Meet your HubHeroes

Liz Murphy


Agency vet, content therapist, messaging strategist, HubHero wrangler.

Devyn Bellamy


HubSpotter, partner enabler, strategy wizard, BLACK@INBOUND.

Max Cohen


HubSpotter, senior solutions engineer, CRM evangelist, a millennial on TikTok.

George B. Thomas


HubHeroes leader, growth catalyst, guardian of humans, HubSpot expert.

[00:00:00] Liz Moorehead: Welcome back to another episode of Hub Heroes. As always, I am your, I mean, well meaning, desperate Hub Heroes Wrangler joined by Devin, George, and Max. Gentlemen, I have to bring something to your attention

[00:00:15] George B. Thomas: oh.

[00:00:15] Liz Moorehead: because we are recording this the Friday before Christmas. Nobody is in our studio audience today, virtually in the community, which means we are completely unsupervised.

[00:00:27] Devyn Bellamy: Oh, yeah.

[00:00:30] Liz Moorehead: Max, are you excited?

[00:00:32] Max Cohen: Let's go, let's

[00:00:35] George B. Thomas: I'm kind of sad, actually.

[00:00:37] Liz Moorehead: Is that why you wore your fancy hat today, George?

[00:00:39] George B. Thomas: you like my hat?

[00:00:40] Liz Moorehead: Let me see.

[00:00:41] George B. Thomas: I like my hat.

[00:00:42] Max Cohen: It's a nice hat.

[00:00:43] Liz Moorehead: Do it.

[00:00:43] George B. Thomas: Yeah.

[00:00:44] Max Cohen: You know what I have to say?

[00:00:45] George B. Thomas: I had a choice, by the way. It was this hat. Or, I could have wore this hat.

[00:00:49] Max Cohen: Hmm?

[00:00:50] George B. Thomas: literally has elf ears, uh, on it. Or, I could have gone full grown adult beard, uh, Santa

[00:00:57] Max Cohen: that on right now. Put that on right now. Put that on right now. Nope. Not continuing the Nope, Nope. Not doing the show until you put it on. No, you, you up showing me that thing. Put it on right now.

[00:01:07] Liz Moorehead: Come on, man.

[00:01:08] Devyn Bellamy: put it on and

[00:01:09] Liz Moorehead: dare you show us?

[00:01:11] George B. Thomas: Liz, carry on with the conversation

[00:01:13] Max Cohen: Prank 'em, John,

[00:01:15] Liz Moorehead: Wow. Wow. So for once, George wants me to do my job. For once, George wants me to do my job and isn't intentionally trying to run this podcast into the ground. Great.

[00:01:23] Max Cohen: while, while he's doing

[00:01:25] Devyn Bellamy: want the emo hair pointing out. Just, just one of these.

[00:01:27] Max Cohen: you know, it'd be funny, it'd be funny if for the intro, we, we had, we had that guy like redo the intro for like, like April fools. And when he got to the part where he's like the one tool you need in your HubSpot tool belt. A reticulated bandsaw from Home Depot. And just have it be that one episode. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

[00:01:52] Liz Moorehead: Yes! Santa's here! Uh, as if I didn't just

[00:01:53] George B. Thomas: the rest of the episode like this. Now, if, if you're not watching, if you're listening to the podcast,

[00:02:00] Max Cohen: Ha!

[00:02:01] Liz Moorehead: screenshot of this, are you kidding me? This will be on

[00:02:04] Max Cohen: looking mother

[00:02:06] George B. Thomas: You have

[00:02:06] Devyn Bellamy: you look like you're going to rob somebody, kind of. I

[00:02:11] Liz Moorehead: you're Dan Aykroyd in trading places right now about to shove a bunch of salmon in your mouth. This is unbelievable.

[00:02:17] George B. Thomas: Yeah. Hey, I wore this earlier today. Which, by the way, I could take it to a whole nother level. But we, we put out a video. A Christmas video. I wore this in. But I, I can, hang on, hang on. I'm not done. And if you're listening, I apologize. But just chatter amongst yourself. I'll be right back.

[00:02:33] Max Cohen: Oh, if he comes

[00:02:34] Liz Moorehead: perfectly honest, ladies and gentlemen, if you're listening in the audience, you just need to know he's not in the least bit sorry. He's not sorry at all. Not even like, Max, Devin, how you doing?

[00:02:43] Max Cohen: I'm good. If he comes back with a glass of ice cold milk, I'm gonna die. Oh my god. Yes.

[00:02:49] Devyn Bellamy: break, Santa. Yes. Okay.

[00:02:56] George B. Thomas: let's go. Let's go. Anyway,

[00:02:59] Max Cohen: Alright.

[00:03:02] Liz Moorehead: Speaking of Fortnite, we're gonna play a little game today. Look at that. I'm a flawless Segway

[00:03:12] George B. Thomas: that was a great

[00:03:13] Liz Moorehead: right.

[00:03:13] Max Cohen: job, Liz.

[00:03:15] George B. Thomas: a great segue. I went and shaved real quick, by the way.

[00:03:19] Max Cohen: Hmm.

[00:03:22] Liz Moorehead: That was terrible. And you should feel bad about it. You should feel bad. All right. So we actually are going to be playing a game today. It's game I learned back when I was on the leadership team at a HubSpot agency. And one of the things that we would do once a quarter is we would go around and we would share with the rest of the leadership team.

What is one thing we should stop doing? What is one thing we should start doing? And what is one thing we should keep doing? So what I thought might be fun. For today's episode in which we are all totally focused and don't have holiday brain rot, is I would love

[00:03:56] George B. Thomas: up?

[00:03:56] Liz Moorehead: Hey George, remember that time you told me I could do my job and run this podcast?

Remember that?

[00:04:00] George B. Thomas: it feels like it was

[00:04:01] Liz Moorehead: three minutes ago.

[00:04:02] George B. Thomas: ago.

[00:04:03] Liz Moorehead: Minutes ago. Have we changed our mind? I can turn, you know, I will turn this podcast around. I will turn this podcast around. All right. So here's what I'm thinking today, since clearly in this last episode in which the four of us are together, this is our last episode with all four of us before 2024.

[00:04:27] George B. Thomas: Wow, crazy.

[00:04:28] Liz Moorehead: Just want to throw that out there. So here's the game I want to play today. I want each of us to share for our inbounding hub spotting audience. What we think their inbound and HubSpot stop start keeps should be going into the new year. What do you guys think

[00:04:46] George B. Thomas: I

[00:04:46] Liz Moorehead: we like?

[00:04:47] Max Cohen: Yeah.

[00:04:49] Liz Moorehead: Fabulous. All right, so we're gonna do we're gonna start with the we're gonna start With the stops.

[00:04:56] George B. Thomas: Wait, wait, teacher, teacher. I have a question. I have a question.

[00:04:58] Liz Moorehead: Yes, Georgie.

[00:05:00] George B. Thomas: Are we gonna have like, The possibility to do a rebuttal or to double down or say things about other people's start, stop, keeps, or is it like they just get to go and then we have to like, silently, like, hit our head against a wall?

[00:05:16] Liz Moorehead: George, you're acting as if I would be able to stop the runaway freight train that is your brain once you get going. Because

[00:05:23] Devyn Bellamy: don't even know why he bothered asking.

[00:05:25] Liz Moorehead: don't know. I think it's to hurt me, Devin. I think it's to hurt me. I think that's what's happening right now. In this moment.

[00:05:32] George B. Thomas: Never do that.

[00:05:34] Liz Moorehead: Well, George, how about this? Why don't you kick us off for our inbounding and hub spotting audience?

What is the one thing you believe they need to stop doing in 2024? And then we'll go to Matt.

[00:05:45] George B. Thomas: Oh, we're stopping first?

[00:05:48] Liz Moorehead: We're stopping first. Stop, start, keep.

[00:05:50] George B. Thomas: Oh yeah. Okay. Lady gentlemen, if I steal yours, I apologize profusely ahead of time

[00:05:57] Liz Moorehead: And if I steal yours, I do it with lack of any remorse in my soul. Yeah, no, I

[00:06:03] George B. Thomas: Um, it amazes me, amazes me that at the end of 2023 heading into 2024, the amount of businesses that I bump into that continue to this day. To underestimate the power of content,

[00:06:23] Max Cohen: Mm.

[00:06:24] George B. Thomas: the power of creating valuable content for the people out there that have hurdles that have aspirations that, that want to be able to do something that they can't do now.

And, and instead it becomes all about the numbers and don't get me wrong, numbers are important. I get it. Don't send me a hate mail, but there has to be this. Idea of nurturing. And that's the thing that I reason I think I love content so much. I was literally on a podcast, uh, evolved leadership earlier this week.

And we were talking about kind of what is this native state that I live in, in the HubSpot ecosystem is the nurturer, the guy who is willing to help anybody, the guy who will create content until he can't breathe anymore. And so if you're listening to this. And you aren't leveraging content and the power of content for your inbound sales, marketing service, operation, business revenue, fatter wallet by the end of 2024, or if you know, somebody is underestimating the power of content.

Then I say to you, stop it. Just stop it. Okay. That's my thing.

[00:07:40] Liz Moorehead: Well, I'm going to be honest as the content strategist here. Uh, I appreciate you pandering to my delegation. It will be noted.

[00:07:48] George B. Thomas: You're welcome. Thank you. Thank you. I'm trying to get brownie points for 2024. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:07:53] Liz Moorehead: I know you're getting brownie pounds now, brownie points now, because you're going to probably break my heart at some point later in this broadcast, but that's

[00:07:58] George B. Thomas: Oh, I'm sure. I'm

[00:08:00] Liz Moorehead: talk to me, Bubby, what we got?

[00:08:02] Max Cohen: pretty simple, guys. We gotta, it's 2024. Let's, let's stop with the generic contact us pages, please. If you just have a form on your site that says contact us, and it goes into a black hole of nothing, nothingness into some generic inbox that maybe one person answers. Uh, you know, you're, you're, you're missing out, please, at least at the very least, if you're not going to create these like easy experiences that people can go through to get to the right people, do whatever they got to do, whether they got to buy, sell, become or not sell by or become more, you know, uh, successful, or if they have a problem with your product, take whatever it is, like give them these paths that go down these nice, you know, easy ways for them to kind of interact with people.

The generic contact us page has got to go. And while I'm on it, let's stop putting ops behind everything, and let's stop putting bound behind everything. There's too many ops, and there's too many bounds. Sorry, I had to throw it in there. Nope, I had to throw it in there. That was more for LinkedIn.

[00:09:05] George B. Thomas: Literally the

[00:09:06] Liz Moorehead: George, while I appreciate you doing that, I appreciate you doing that, but you're going to, you're, you're going to break rules later. I know you.

[00:09:13] Max Cohen: You're gonna break rules.

[00:09:14] Liz Moorehead: You're going to break

[00:09:15] George B. Thomas: hey, hey

[00:09:16] Devyn Bellamy: Is he getting the merit?

[00:09:17] George B. Thomas: What's what's the happily website?

[00:09:19] Max Cohen: Happily. com

[00:09:21] George B. Thomas: Oh, okay. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.

[00:09:22] Max Cohen: to it. Go, no, go tell me there's a generic contact us page on there that doesn't select exactly what you need and it has a sick workflow behind it that's the master contact

[00:09:31] George B. Thomas: was I was curious.

[00:09:33] Max Cohen: exactly where you need to go no matter who you are.

[00:09:35] George B. Thomas: I was curious So why Devin does this thing? I'm gonna actually go on to the internet and search the page

[00:09:41] Max Cohen: Please do. Please

[00:09:42] Liz Moorehead: Although, one could say that using ops as a suffix is the new lea. Because for a while there, everything that came out ended in a lea.

[00:09:51] Max Cohen: Yep. Yep.

[00:09:57] Devyn Bellamy: need people to stop buying lists. This has been going on too damn long. We've talked about it too damn much. We, we, the fact that people are still out here is about to be 2024. And y'all are buying lists, you are purchase, look, look, look at me, you are purchasing lists, you are wasting your money and you're wasting everyone else's time.

You're wasting your domain name. Like, like it's bad enough that you were spending money on these lists, but then the fact you want to email these people and they ain't even, they don't even know you, you're going to email them and you don't even know what's going on with them. If I have one more email, if I get one more email.

About HubSpot Ventures. I don't even know what HubSpot Ventures is. But y'all emailing me about HubSpot Ventures and congratulating me on my new position. I ain't getting no paycheck from email ventures. What that tells me is that you bought a bad list. you got my email address and just sent me the wrong, stop it, stop sending lists to people.

We don't want to hear from you. If we wanted to hear from you, we would have opted in. We would have contacted you. We would have filled out a form, but you out here just, just, just, just randomly, just recklessly, just messaging people. I need you to stop leaving them lists alone, put the list down, step away from the list. Oh

[00:11:47] George B. Thomas: for web design or SEO is ridiculous. At this point.

[00:11:52] Max Cohen: Did you guys see my meme the

[00:11:53] Liz Moorehead: I supposed to follow that? How am I supposed to follow

[00:11:56] George B. Thomas: Oh yeah. Liz, did you know you're up next?

[00:12:00] Liz Moorehead: Thanks George, I appreciate

[00:12:02] Max Cohen: Zoom in. How

[00:12:18] Liz Moorehead: Do you know what I need you bitches to stop doing? HubSpot when you don't have a good strategy. Your technology will only be as smart or as stupid. Seriously, I cannot, I can't handle it. HubSpot isn't working. We're not getting organic traffic. Are you publishing content? No. Are you making landing pages?

No. Do you have any sort of attract, engage, delight framework in place? No. Well, Susan. the reason HubSpot isn't working is because you aren't making HubSpot work. It will, the technology is not your strategy. It will only scale smart or scale stupid depending on what your inputs are. Please stop it.

HubSpot didn't do anything wrong to you. HubSpot didn't hurt you. HubSpot didn't make you pick the wrong things to write about. HubSpot didn't tell you to not, you, like, to collect a bunch of marketing contacts and then never reach out to them with anything valuable or human. That's right, George. I said human first.

Suck it. 

[00:13:31] George B. Thomas: You did. You

[00:13:31] Liz Moorehead: yes,

[00:13:32] George B. Thomas: Dang 

[00:13:33] Liz Moorehead: to give us a good human though, George? Give us one good one. 

[00:13:36] George B. Thomas: Oh,

[00:13:37] Max Cohen: us a Susan.

[00:13:38] George B. Thomas: yeah, yeah, no, but hang on. So first of all, first of all, if you're listening to this podcast and your name is Susan, I apologize for all of us. We love you.

[00:13:48] Max Cohen: Except Liz, she f ing

[00:13:50] Liz Moorehead: time I've whipped out Susan, right? Like, it's just my go to. And to all the Susans out there, one of my very dear friends is named Susan. It's just a great name to say with, like, it doesn't, like, Liz doesn't have the same ring to, but Susan.

[00:14:03] George B. Thomas: at the end of the day, Susan's are humans too. I mean, just. Oh,

[00:14:11] Max Cohen: But not all Susans are humans. Wait.

[00:14:14] George B. Thomas: wait,

[00:14:14] Max Cohen: all humans are Susans? That's what I meant

[00:14:16] Liz Moorehead: Look, we're not talking about AI today. We're not talking about AI today. That's what everybody else is talking about. We're doing something different. We're professionals.

[00:14:25] Max Cohen: talking about Susans.

[00:14:26] George B. Thomas: I bet we do talk about AI. Just saying, I bet we do. I bet we do.

[00:14:33] Liz Moorehead: yeah, just to wrap that one up, please stop blaming HubSpot for your lack of strategy. If you have a problem where you're not seeing the results you want to see, do not immediately point fingers at the technology. Take a look at the strategy you're going to market with. George, as much as I'm concerned, you're up next.

What do you want folks to start doing in the HubSpot and inbound space in 2024? Oh, you're excited.

[00:14:59] George B. Thomas: baby. Uh, listen, I need you to start learning, understanding, and leveraging AI in your business today, right now. Now, I am talking about all of the AIs that you can do. And I want you to think of all the things that you might use them for, for saving time, for doing research. Now, am I saying replace human or being human with AI?

No, I'm saying use it as, listen, they sell hammers. At home Depot for a fricking reason. AI is a hammer that a sales rep, a marketer or what? Okay. And I'm not necessarily just talking about generative AI, like write the blog article for me so I can like sip on a martini and said, that'd be, that's what I'm talking about, but I had an epiphany moment. Earlier, well, it was like last weekend, earlier this week, but last weekend. And I have been using AI and coming up with like an AI formula for like creating content and humanizing it and how to use it, not use it and all this good stuff, but on the weekend, I was really sad. I mean, sad, sad, because I'm helping a client that they have this show, and they needed to get all of the videos from a place to the show, and then they needed to generate show notes for the show, and then they needed to do a third step for the show, so there was literally three different steps that had to happen to create each page of the show, uh, And there were 67 episodes of the show and as the guy who had to put the task and subtasks in there and you start to think to actually type out, do this for episode one, copy, paste to copy, paste three, copy, paste for, oh my God, I would have been, I, I almost had a nervous breakdown and then all of a sudden I was like, Wait a second, and I said chat GPT create this task and in this spot Change the episode number from 1 to 67 Copy paste then my system said it looks like you want to create 67 subtasks.

Is that true? I said yes, it is and I did that two more times and what would have taken me probably 30 to 40 minutes manually I hadn't done in about a minute and a half. So, this is the thing. I'm not just talking about generative AI. I'm not just talking about graphics, which don't get me started on that, and some of the beyondyourdefault.

com graphics that we're creating. Anyway, I'm just saying, in your life, how can you use the tool to do the thing that might make you sad, but when you use the right tool, makes you happy? So start doing that thing.

[00:17:56] Liz Moorehead: Maximus.

[00:17:57] George B. Thomas: you really though? You look like you were about to wring my neck when I said AI at the beginning of that. I got a little

[00:18:02] Liz Moorehead: a default state. That's a

[00:18:03] George B. Thomas: Oh, oh, okay, okay, okay.

[00:18:04] Liz Moorehead: That's just, I just, you know, here's the thing. I literally said, we're not going to talk about AI today. And then you're like, you know what I want to talk about? I want to talk about AI. So, you know, we're doing great. We're all, we are just one big live, laugh, love poster right now, and I'm living for it.

[00:18:20] George B. Thomas: I warned you.

[00:18:21] Liz Moorehead: You did warn me. I should have listened. I'm so sorry, George. Max.

[00:18:25] Max Cohen: Hi.

[00:18:26] Liz Moorehead: Hi.

[00:18:27] Max Cohen: I'm, I'm, uh, I'm gonna shill, but I'm not gonna shill For happily,

[00:18:33] Liz Moorehead: you Is it big

[00:18:33] Max Cohen: gonna

[00:18:34] Liz Moorehead: time? Are you shilling for big popsicle?

[00:18:36] Max Cohen: Nope.

[00:18:37] George B. Thomas: have a feeling. Hang on, hang on, hang on, hang on. Hang on, hang on, hang on. I'm gonna help you because I think I know where you're going.

[00:18:43] Max Cohen: prank. I'm John.

[00:18:44] Liz Moorehead: Oh no, what Is he getting another hat?

[00:18:46] Max Cohen: Oh, hey, there you go

[00:18:48] George B. Thomas: All right, I'm

[00:18:49] Max Cohen: Yeah, start buying my hats everybody. That's that's

[00:18:52] George B. Thomas: I'm ready!

[00:18:53] Max Cohen: that's that's what it is. No, I Am

[00:18:55] George B. Thomas: that's not what you're going?

[00:18:57] Max Cohen: no

[00:18:57] George B. Thomas: Oh, son

[00:18:59] Max Cohen: but but hey, thanks for letting me sneak it in there, buddy I am going to shill for Uh, just big app in general, uh, being the app marketplace while George shows off another wonderful item we have in our collection at closed1city.

com you can get all your

[00:19:17] Liz Moorehead: stop putting ops at the end of everything, guys.

[00:19:20] Max Cohen: Yeah. Yep. Revops is the last one we all get everybody. We've ran out of things we can put ops behind. I will make an ops ops hat at some point. But anyway, um, back to the Yeah, I'm going to make it all in. There's our Rev Ops God model in all in red. Yup. You can wear that to a political rally and stand right in anyway.

Fine. The

[00:19:43] Liz Moorehead: know what? I'm loving how we're catering to our audio listeners, guys. We're doing great.

[00:19:49] Max Cohen: Yeah. Um, Hey, go sign up at georgebthomas. com, you know, go get, get access to the video. Anyway. I'm going to show for big app and the HubSpot app marketplace here. Um, specifically because I've been hearing, so I talked to a lot of partners, right? And something that I hear from partners is, Hey, it's really tough positioning, having to buy another thing to get their CRM to do something specific.

Right? which I think is understandable. Um, what I'm trying to do is change the, uh, overall sort of, um, view on CRMs and apps. Right? And I, and I like to do it with an analogy that I think makes a lot of sense. Um, and you know, I've, I'm kind of stealing this a little bit from The vision that I've seen, you know, uh, HubSpot kind of layout when, you know, the HubSpot app marketplace was really kind of just getting started and people were starting to build stuff on it.

Um, but you know, it, it, it makes a lot of sense. What I want you to think about is your iPhone. Your iPhone is the way that you as a human being kind of communicate to the world in a very scalable way. It's where you hold a lot of your information. It's, it's how you kind of get a lot of stuff done, right?

Uh, your CRM is your business's iPhone when you really think about it. It's how you sell, it's how you manage relationships, it's how you connect to the outside world in a number of different ways, right? Um, especially when you have all these other systems, you know, connected to it and putting information into it and taking information out of it.

Uh, it's really kind of no different than your, your iPhone in your pocket for you as a human, right? It's kind of the equivalent there. Um, And, you know, the, the, the thing is, is like a lot of people say like, Oh, if I'm buying HubSpot, I expect it to do every single thing in the world for me. Right. I expect it to have every single feature, no matter what sort of industry that I'm in.

And if it doesn't do this one specific thing, why would I buy it? Right. Well, that's because HubSpot or your CRM is not meant to solve every single issue. It's much like your phone where it's meant to give you a, you know, set of apps that. You know, accomplish things that are universally applicable to the mass majority of folks out there.

And HubSpot CRM is doing the same thing where it's giving you a whole bunch of different tools around marketing, sales, and service, because most businesses have some kind of marketing, sales, and service element to them. Right. Um, but you know, the whole idea is like on your iPhone, even though it comes with a calendar, you can download a better calendar app.

You could download an app on your iPhone that makes it do something that it was never designed to do in the first place. Right. I want folks to start thinking about their CRM that way. Right. Um, and the reason being is like, you know, or the big kind of pushback you get there from a lot of folks is like, well, why doesn't it just have the features built in?

Um, because if HubSpot had every single feature built in for every single person or every single industry for every single use case, and there wasn't any apps, it was just one tool that had literally everything for everybody. It would be unaffordable, right? There'd be, it would be way too expensive. It would do way too many things.

It would just be impossible, uh, or, or unscalable to support. Uh, it would, it would totally mess up like the direction and focus on making those core tools. Great. The whole idea of apps, right, is that you're able to get this platform, right? HubSpot's not just a CRM software, it's a platform, right? That you can build stuff on.

And what's great is you can go and download apps to make it thing, do things that you need it to do. And you're not carrying around the burden of paying more for it because it's automatically built to do other things for other people that you're never going to do with it. Right. So I would encourage end users of HubSpot to kind of start thinking of the metaphor of your CRM.

It's the same thing as the iPhone for your person, you, right. It's the same thing for your business, right. And, and you don't think twice about downloading apps on that thing, paying 1099 a month for a candy crush account or like whatever it may be, right. It's the same idea, just at a larger scale, right?


[00:24:00] George B. Thomas: Wow.

[00:24:01] Max Cohen: your iPhone, your business, your CRM is, yeah, me too. Yeah. Um, yeah,

[00:24:06] Liz Moorehead: candy.

[00:24:07] George B. Thomas: So, so. There's another alternative outcome to that, right, Max, if they did everything, it could also end up being like a software that was crap, The whole kind of philosophy of, you know, jack of all trades, master of none that like to spread out, to separated, like you have to have these niche places where you're really great at certain things.

Like just the other day, Jorge and I were having a meeting, Jorge is from our team HubSpot implementation specialist. Give him a shout out, Jorge, let's go. talking about how we were actually able to solve a client's problem just by adding this little app. You might have heard of it called TikTok today, uh, that they were having an issue with it might be a happily app that you can get from the marketplace.

I'm just saying, um,

[00:24:53] Devyn Bellamy: Big Popsicle!

[00:24:54] George B. Thomas: I'm just saying, I'm just saying, I don't even work there just saying, but my point is like, these apps can help, um, they can, they can unlock things that. You don't even realize the potential until you actually get it in there and get going with it. So love

[00:25:09] Max Cohen: It's all, it's just, it's such a foreign thought. Right. It's like, Oh, I can, it's like, dude, you can download an app on your phone and make it do something different. Guys, we're in the age. You can do that for your CRM too as well. Right. And it's not, Oh, what do you mean? I got to buy something else to get this piece of software to do something else.

Dude, you do the same thing for your phone. Yeah. Dude. Like that's what it is. So sorry. I'm going to.

[00:25:30] George B. Thomas: so question though, you said iPhone through that whole thing Like does that mean all Android users are like Salesforce and iPhone is

[00:25:38] Devyn Bellamy: Don't go there. Don't go there. Don't you dare throw my beloved android under the bus.

[00:25:43] George B. Thomas: Mean

[00:25:44] Max Cohen: I mean, I, you know, I would say, I would say

[00:25:47] George B. Thomas: Would you say both like?

[00:25:49] Max Cohen: I'd say, I'd say androids are, are cobbled, not crafted for sure. Yeah. Yeah. Get cobbled, Devin.

[00:25:56] Liz Moorehead: god, Devin's gone. Goodbye.

[00:26:00] Devyn Bellamy: no, I can't even argue with him. But that's the best part about

[00:26:03] Max Cohen: right. I got a pebbled shower

[00:26:04] Liz Moorehead: got a little concerned because you got your face real

[00:26:06] Devyn Bellamy: I don't have to I don't have to summon Steve Jobs ghost if I want to do something different like use my own charger or buy something else. I don't, I don't have to give a pint of blood at some sacrificial altar if I want to develop my own app for my own phone.

[00:26:26] Liz Moorehead: See, here's the problem, Devin. I can't hear you over the accumulation of all the bad, fast, and furious hot takes you've had over the course of

[00:26:33] George B. Thomas: Oh

[00:26:34] Liz Moorehead: they're drowning you out. They're drowning you out.

[00:26:36] George B. Thomas: most like happiest time of year?

[00:26:39] Liz Moorehead: It's the most wonderful time of the year. Until it isn't. Until it isn't.

[00:26:44] George B. Thomas: Yeah.

[00:26:45] Liz Moorehead: Devin, speaking of Devin, give us a good take.

What should we start doing in 2024?

[00:26:52] Devyn Bellamy: I think we, um, should start getting better at prospecting. Um, we should start getting a better with our research, um, start getting better, like, just with the whole, uh, process, just with, um, uh, you know, prospecting, uh, your leads generating, you know, good introductory emails, um, just those, um, just in better, just first contact in, in doing better research.

Um, I, I think that's because look, if I get another email and LinkedIn message, just offering me a service that ain't got nothing to do with my job, like why are you trying to get me to buy swag? I have nothing to do with swag. I have swag. I've received swag. I do not purchase swag because if I'm purchasing it, it is no longer swag.

It is just socks. That's all it is. Stop trying to get me to buy branded things. That is not my job. I work in partner enablement at HubSpot. I make partners grow better. I make videos and by the way, yes, I make videos. So that means I don't need you to make videos for me. That means you have not done the research.

You have not looked at my LinkedIn profile, because if you did, You will see that you are reaching out to the wrong person about the wrong thing. Do better, start prospecting correctly, segment between people who are good fit and people who are bad fit.

[00:28:44] George B. Thomas: yeah, you know, it's that it's so funny because I've often wondered what life it would be if I actually had The copious amounts of time that those people had to waste doing things that like, aren't going to work. I'm like, man, it must be nice. Like these are probably the same people I hear about sitting on the couch, eating bon bonds, like watching soap operas in the middle of the day.

And then they're doing cold outreach in the way they're doing. But also I love that you brought this up because I have to, I have to start to talk about this in 2024. I'm not sure people know how. Much of an important thing has happened in HubSpot to the prospecting and pre sales process in HubSpot.

Like it just felt like it was kind of like thrown out there. I haven't heard a lot of talk about it, but the idea of the prospects tab and the lead object, and when you actually start to dig in and realize like it's a fundamental replacement for what was a crutch lead status for so many years in the software, like, listen. It's forcing me to do things differently. It's forcing me to ask questions about what I'm doing during certain processes. And so this idea of better prospecting and therefore having better tools to do that is like huge for people to pay attention to. Sorry, I know I keep doing this. I'll just be quiet now.


[00:30:07] Liz Moorehead: I thought that was, I would, I'm not complaining.

[00:30:10] George B. Thomas: Okay. Well, you put the hoodie up and I'm like, she's like Bethany Zuckerberg or something right now. I was trying to figure it all out. I'm just, I'm trying not get in trouble.

[00:30:18] Liz Moorehead: Don't read into it. Basically what's happening is my coworking space is slowly starting to shut down because I'm one of the last people here and it's just getting colder because it's New England and it was like 18 degrees when I left for the office this morning. It was unpleasant. Liz is not well. If your email finds me, it will find me screeching like an opossum trapped in a mailbox.

Like, I'm not well. Not great. I hate it. Okay, anyway. So, my start,

I need marketers to start caring about sales more. I need you to start caring about the people on your sales team more. I need you to, this is kind of also a stop, stop relying on the fact that you can spell sales enablement and conflating that with actually enabling your sales team. We are about to enter another.

tumultuous year, whether or not we actually go into a recession, who knows, because even if we enter into one, they won't confirm or deny that it happened until months later, especially since it's going to be an election year. And I'm not about to go political. I'm just about to say like 2024 is going to be another intense year, like 2023 was, and might even be a little bit spicier.

So marketers. I need you to start caring about your sales team more, stop sequestering yourselves in conference rooms or virtual zoom conferences, trying to guess what it is that sales needs from you and start asking them, start building that trust with them again, start understanding what it is that they actually need.

But if you need a refresher on it, I would highly recommend the sales therapy episode we did with Chris Stilwell of Hub Heroes a few weeks back. If you really want to understand a lot of the pain that sales teams are going through and why they may be a little bit fussy and lacking in trust when you try to get close to him, start there.

Your sales team is going to need you more than ever next year. Start being the partner that they actually need. Start showing up for something more than brand awareness. So that's my start.

[00:32:25] George B. Thomas: Love

[00:32:26] Liz Moorehead: Comments, thoughts, grievances. Now,

[00:32:30] George B. Thomas: I double click, voted up. Um,

[00:32:34] Max Cohen: say we got to repair the relationship between sales and marketing. Just all the content you see about it is they just seem to hate each other.

[00:32:42] George B. Thomas: dude, I talked about this. I talked about this at Inbound and at B2B Forum earlier this year. Did the same presentation both places and I talked about it in the light of marriage counseling like marriage counseling for marketing and sales teams.

[00:33:00] Liz Moorehead: So here's what I will tell you though. So back when I was the editor in chief at impact, which is a HubSpot elite agency, I was, I helped run our very first revenue team, which was meant to heal some of our own sales and marketing alignment challenges. And I think what happens is that we have this expectation that if you have a really toxic or lack of trust, like something's broken in the sales and marketing relationship.

You're going to feel the adversarial nature of it. And that's simply not true. I had friends on the sales team. We were all close. We would get beer together. We would hang out. We actively liked each other as. People, but the truck, the lack of trust would only show up when we had those initial conversations.

And Max, I love your point about focusing on that repair aspect, because I'll be honest for the first few meetings, I felt a little bit more like Frazier crane, like go ahead, sales, I'm listening. And like, just kind of letting them unload about the fact that they are, that they're, they are shouldered with the revenue burdens and responsibilities of an entire company.

And they're often the last to find out about. Product updates, service changes, very basic thing. They'll be selling things where it's like, Oh, well, we're not supposed to be selling that anymore. We're supposed to be selling this. We're supposed to be selling that. And this is not something specific to a single company.

Often sales has a marketing trust issue because they have a trust issue, not just with marketing, but kind of with everybody. So I agree, you have to go in and acknowledge, don't go in acting as if you've already earned the trust of sales. Don't go in acting as if they should just be so happy that you're there because you've decided you want to go talk to them, listen to them, talk to them about being their advocate.

It's a challenging thing to do. But the reason why I bring that up, George, though, is that because I think sometimes we can think that we have better relationships than we actually do because we like each other as people. Like when I was talking with the sales folks at impact, they would be like, no, Liz, we know you're really good at what you do.

We know you're super responsible and super responsive, but you have to understand we've had months, if not years, sometimes of things starting off great and things completely falling apart after that, you know, so make it a point to start being there for your sales team. They are really, really going to need you.

[00:35:21] Max Cohen: Go ask them what they need. That's the other thing besides leads. What do you need? How can I

[00:35:27] Liz Moorehead: Stop saying here. I made sales enablement content for you. Start asking what sales enablement content do you need and then don't argue with them.

[00:35:35] Max Cohen: Yeah

[00:35:37] Liz Moorehead: Provide input, provide strategic feedback, but like, yeah, anyway, George, what do people need to start or keep doing rather in 2024?

[00:35:49] George B. Thomas: Yeah. all of the things, no, I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. Um, okay. I'm just going to be the guy that everybody knows. I'm the guy. So you need to focus on the humans and being a human centric business. Okay. Like the amount of people who have lost sight. Of the true reason of why we do what we do is mind boggling to me.

And if you do nothing else, get the book, marketing rebellion, the most human companies wins, or the most human company wins it's by my buddy, Mark Schaefer, and read that. Think about how you like to be treated. Think about how you are a human and how you have a radar that goes ding, ding, ding, ding it day, night, whenever, when you smell well. I don't want to have to beep anything out. So we'll just use the word crap from a sales and marketing standpoint. We all have a highly effective BS radar. So why, when you enter the walls of your workspace mentally or physically, if you remote, why do we shut the human off? I don't know. I don't know.

[00:37:13] Liz Moorehead: I don't know. Speaking of human, though, shout out to Max and your LinkedIn post from three hours ago, which is probably the most human thing I've ever read, which is, you ever live so far away from a Taco Bell, you unironically start researching franchising opportunities. So if you

[00:37:30] Max Cohen: I need

[00:37:30] Liz Moorehead: be more like a human on social.

[00:37:33] Max Cohen: I need two million dollars in liquid assets

[00:37:36] George B. Thomas: Nice! That's just Don't you have that laying

[00:37:39] Liz Moorehead: the liquid assets be in the form of Queso? I've

[00:37:43] George B. Thomas: Wow.

[00:37:44] Max Cohen: liquid that comes to mind when I think of taco bell though

[00:37:47] George B. Thomas: Seriously? Like, here's what's funny. Max, I I live right by one. I can like get it, freeze it, ship it if you want.

[00:37:55] Max Cohen: Please do

[00:37:56] Liz Moorehead: heard Taco Bell freezes and thaws really well. The quality.

[00:38:01] Max Cohen: I mean, dude, I mean, I'm literally, I'm in a Taco Bell desert right now. I live in Billerica, closest one's in Lowell, and so you go on DoorDash, it's like 20 minute drive to get it out of here, and by the time you get it, it's basically just, it's, it's dog food. You know? So.

[00:38:16] Liz Moorehead: Are you sure it didn't start as, anyway,

[00:38:17] Max Cohen: Yeah,

[00:38:18] George B. Thomas: Yo, yo,

[00:38:20] Max Cohen: Listen, hey, hey, it's good,

[00:38:22] Liz Moorehead: I love Taco Bell. Don't get me wrong. I have a deep, longstanding relationship with Taco Bell up and down the East coast.

[00:38:28] Max Cohen: listen.

[00:38:29] George B. Thomas: sued.

[00:38:29] Max Cohen: It's really good dog food, anyway, um,

[00:38:32] George B. Thomas: Yo quiero Taco Bell!

[00:38:33] Max Cohen: yep, um.

[00:38:35] Liz Moorehead: better or worse than Android? Question. Just kidding. Max, continue.

[00:38:39] Max Cohen: Dude, a Doritos Locos Taco is a better phone than an Android. Anyway, going, moving on,

[00:38:46] George B. Thomas: Oh my god. Okay.

[00:38:48] Devyn Bellamy: have a Galaxy S23, it eats your phone and your phone's camera, so deal with

[00:38:55] Max Cohen: man, I got an iPhone 13 bro, I'm two years behind. Anyway, Apple to like die. Shout out R011.

[00:39:03] Liz Moorehead: sideways. We're human. Max,

[00:39:06] George B. Thomas: Yeah, let's, let's be that.

[00:39:08] Max Cohen: What was I saying? Anyway,

[00:39:10] Liz Moorehead: what should you keep doing in 2024? Oh my God.

[00:39:14] Max Cohen: Yo yo Karo taco continue anyway. So what I, what I think you should continue doing is investing in content. If it's been hard and it hasn't taken off yet, chill the out. It takes time. Not only does it take time to build an audience, it takes time to get good at doing it, it takes time to build it into your, you know, uh, day to day going from a, a.

A business that creates no content to a business that creates content. I've said for eight years now is the hardest thing to do. Deploying software is not difficult. Turning into a company that creates content is way harder than any migration or implementation or whatever that you'll ever do. Right. Uh, getting it right, making it land with your audience, taking a lot of risks.

All this stuff is really hard. Um, If it's not paying off yet, experiment, do different things, try different mediums, um, get a little goofy, right? Uh, you know, just, just don't stop whatever you do, right? Keep pushing, keep making content, please. Do it! Do it! Go write a blog, do it! I know.

[00:40:29] Liz Moorehead: going to.

[00:40:30] Max Cohen: All right, Devin. All right, Devin, get real close to the

[00:40:33] Liz Moorehead: it. I sound ridiculous.

[00:40:34] Max Cohen: Devin's about to come out here and say, continue to buy lists, no matter what I said before. Don't listen to me.

[00:40:41] Liz Moorehead: became stop, start, continue. Devon, what

[00:40:45] George B. Thomas: it!

[00:40:48] Liz Moorehead: Do it. Devon, what should we keep doing?

[00:40:52] Max Cohen: Devin, do it.

[00:40:54] Devyn Bellamy: Yeah, my short and sweet. Keep your keep working on your data hygiene. Just short, sweet, simple point. Just keep working on your data hygiene. Keep segmenting. Keep, uh, keep those lists clean. Uh, you're, you're, you're a smart list. Uh, your static lists, keep, just keep your, your, your data hygiene up, uh, especially, you know, importing your spreadsheets, um, from, you know, your legacy CRMs, just, you know, don't, don't, don't, uh, don't muddy the waters with bad data, like lists, there's nothing.

Nothing dirtier than the fastest way to muddy the CRM waters is by uploading lists. Unsegmented, just, just bad data, just ruining your CRM, ruining your domain reputation, just ruining people's lives, ruining their inboxes all because you have poor data hygiene and poor practices because you want to import bad data lists or bad data.

Don't do it. Okay, that's a screenshot right there, yeah.

[00:42:16] George B. Thomas: Wash your data. Oh,

[00:42:22] Max Cohen: was gonna say, that's the CRM equivalent of wash your a

[00:42:29] Liz Moorehead: need a cigarette.

[00:42:30] George B. Thomas: Woo,

[00:42:31] Devyn Bellamy: my, my head actually, I'm lightheaded after

[00:42:34] Max Cohen: Yeah, actually start, everybody start. Hey, listen, if you haven't started smoking in 2024,

[00:42:39] George B. Thomas: No, no, no, no. We do not condone that. No, no, don't. No, no, no,

[00:42:45] Max Cohen: no, I swear. If you edit

[00:42:46] George B. Thomas: I mean, well,

[00:42:47] Liz Moorehead: This episode is for the kids. Keep it clean.

[00:42:50] George B. Thomas: actually, you could do that. You could smoke a turkey. You could smoke some cheese. You could smoke, like, you could, like, food, ba food items, then get a smoker, and, you know, smoke more in 2024, but,

[00:43:02] Liz Moorehead: George, that was a flawless recovery. Flawless. No

[00:43:06] George B. Thomas: over here, I'm trying over here, jeez, Max

[00:43:08] Devyn Bellamy: the judo, quick.

[00:43:10] George B. Thomas: HWACHACHAAA!

[00:43:10] Devyn Bellamy: flipped it.

[00:43:13] George B. Thomas: Uh,

[00:43:13] Liz Moorehead: Okay.

[00:43:14] George B. Thomas: yeah.

[00:43:15] Max Cohen: wait till you hear my challenge. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:43:22] Liz Moorehead: kids. Mine's gonna be short and sweet. Keep learning.

[00:43:26] George B. Thomas: Mmm.

[00:43:27] Liz Moorehead: learning. That may sound hokey. That may sound silly, but the only way you really fail at this whole HubSpot or inbound thing is you adopt a fixed mindset instead of continuing to learn, continuing to grow, continuing to challenge the way you've always done things, keep learning.

about your customers. Keep learning about what they need. Keep learning about the technology. Never ever stop learning. Just keep doing it. That's all. Just keep learning and HubSpot Academy can help you. It's a beautiful place of freaking endless hours of free education. Could you imagine how many fewer complaints we would get about HubSpot sucking if people just like took maybe one or two hours of certifications in there?

Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Anyway,

[00:44:18] Max Cohen: You hear that, Susan?

[00:44:20] Liz Moorehead: Yeah, Susan. I'm watching you, Susan. George. Hi. What's your challenge that you want to leave our listeners with for 2024?

[00:44:31] George B. Thomas: I'm being torn right now. Like,

[00:44:33] Liz Moorehead: back together. You

[00:44:34] George B. Thomas: yeah, I'm being torn because there's, like, the There's the tactical challenge right like and then there's the there's the human side of me 

[00:44:45] Liz Moorehead: The what side? I'm sorry.

[00:44:47] George B. Thomas: oh, I'm sorry. I see thing in the human side of me Like, tactically, I, by the way, this is my precursor to being able to cheat, but, um, tactically, I want to talk about, um, using the tool more and using more of the tool and getting into these pieces of HubSpot that you have purposely ignored because you bought it to just be lazy.

So, um, yeah. Male chimp or to be like whatever monster insights or whatever like whatever Miniature thing you thought you're fixing like so use more of the tool get to understand More of the tool like that's part of me. I want to go in that direction

[00:45:32] Liz Moorehead: I love that.

[00:45:34] George B. Thomas: there's the other side of me, right? There's the human

[00:45:37] Liz Moorehead: break a rule? Because you were supposed to have one challenge.

[00:45:40] George B. Thomas: the human side of me. Well, Max did it. I'm going to do it too. So sit down in the front row, middle row and back row. Cause here I go. Eat more Taco Bell. That's your challenge. No, I'm just kidding.

[00:45:54] Max Cohen: Yo,

[00:45:55] George B. Thomas: here's, here's the real challenge.

What I want people to do more in 2024 is I want them to actually embrace who they are and who they are meant to be. And I'm going to give them the challenge that I was given about the beginning of this year or the very end of last year. And my challenge you on the human side is just to show up as a whole ass human.

Like you've been pussyfooting around your life. You've been kind of shipping in the things that you think you need to ship in. You've been kind of doing the work that you want to do. You've been dreaming about some things that you might get around to knock it off. Live your life for who you're actually supposed to be.

Chase your dreams, build your goals, and show up for the humans around you as a whole ass human. All of you, love all of you, be all of you. don't know, I want to be like, shine bright like a diamond or some crazy crap like that, but just

[00:46:49] Liz Moorehead: I'm bright like a diamond.

[00:46:51] George B. Thomas: Like, listen, ladies and gentlemen, everybody has to take it.

Just be you and show up as a whole ass human. That's my human side of this. And then of course, Used more of HubSpot there. There you go.

[00:47:01] Liz Moorehead: So, George, honestly, um, I take back all of my complaints about you doing a second challenge because you quoted me,

[00:47:08] George B. Thomas: I did. I did.

[00:47:09] Liz Moorehead: that's fine. Honestly, that's fine. I respect it.

[00:47:12] George B. Thomas: Okay.

[00:47:12] Liz Moorehead: Max, you've kept zoomed in on your face, which is making this even scarier.

[00:47:17] Max Cohen: Oh, no.

[00:47:18] Liz Moorehead: What is your, uh, what

[00:47:20] Max Cohen: nothing crazy.

[00:47:21] George B. Thomas: Ready?

[00:47:22] Max Cohen: My thing is like, this is the year you try video if you haven't yet, guys. Come on. Like, even if you have, even if you have, I don't remember what the Cisco

[00:47:32] George B. Thomas: 2024 is the year of video. Cisco said that since 2016. Brother

[00:47:37] Max Cohen: always the year. It's always the year if you haven't done it yet. The year is now.

Time is now. In fact, don't wait till next year. You still got my math's not good. I don't know. Anywhere between eight and nine days left. Or whatever you're hearing this. If you're hearing this after the new

[00:47:53] George B. Thomas: many more days till the year's over?

[00:47:55] Max Cohen: you're hearing this after the new year, you're f ed. Anyway, um, but yeah, just, and here's the thing. This challenge goes double for if you think you got a boring industry. Liz, we talked about the whole boring industry last time. Need I remind everybody again? And I'll, can I zoom in anymore? Yeah. They made crab fishing interesting! Don't forget that! There's like 20 seasons of a show about crab fishing!

can figure it out. 

[00:48:20] Liz Moorehead: I'm so sad that

[00:48:22] Max Cohen: Go make a f ing TikTok about your accounting company. Just do it. Just, who cares?

[00:48:27] Liz Moorehead: and Salim and all of our friends from Canada are gonna be so bummed that this was the episode they missed the live recording of. And if you ever want to join a live recording, all you have to do is go to community. hubheroes. com because we do, we do this live. We do it live.

[00:48:44] Max Cohen: F it.

[00:48:45] George B. Thomas: Yes. We do it live. Dang it.

[00:48:49] Liz Moorehead: Devon, challenge us to buy email lists.

[00:48:52] George B. Thomas: I don't think

[00:48:53] Devyn Bellamy: pretend that those words didn't leave your mouth. No, I'm, I'm kind of struggling here with this, um, because I had one that I wanted to say, and then I had a backup and then I had one that I came up with the fly. Um, but the one I wanted to say was push yourself and get HubSpot certifications, but can't say that one.

And then I was just going to say, you know. Work life balance, be a good human, live life, work isn't everything, but can't say that. And then I was going to go out on a limb and say, incorporate video into what you do. Can't even do that. So, so, so, uh, I, I, I'm just going to say, uh, work with smart people who just read your mind and, and, and, and, and just get ideas that, that you have.

Um, because like, I, I, I got nothing. Y'all just took it all for me. Like. All of it. Um,

[00:49:45] Max Cohen: you were about to tell the, challenge people to cancel their ZoomInfo subscription.

[00:49:50] Devyn Bellamy: yeah, dude, I'm like, I will straight out challenge people to, you know, here's a challenge anytime that you get someone trying to sell you a list anytime you get someone who is emailing you or, or LinkedIn in messaging you about something that is completely irrelevant, mark them as spam. Punish them.

[00:50:16] Max Cohen: I challenge you to try to sell your product to them.

[00:50:21] Devyn Bellamy: Ooooooh. Ooooooh. Waste their time too. Ooooooh.

[00:50:28] Max Cohen: email and fill out some forms. Maybe, uh, subscribe them to National Geographic or something. I don't know,

[00:50:36] Devyn Bellamy: Sign em up for Scientology.

[00:50:39] Max Cohen: Yeah.

[00:50:40] George B. Thomas: on him and be like, Have you heard of Bellamy Ventures?

[00:50:45] Liz Moorehead: do you feel about shower vestibules?

[00:50:48] Max Cohen: my.

[00:50:49] George B. Thomas: Oh, there you go. That's a throwback.

[00:50:52] Max Cohen: Tell them to send you a picture of their shower

[00:50:54] Devyn Bellamy: the hotel I was at in Philly was, was lit. It had rainfall, tile floor, it like, it, the only problem is that it had a half partition and so water kept getting on the floor. Um, but I didn't care cause it wasn't my floor, but that shower was dope.

[00:51:08] George B. Thomas: Liz, that's what them young

[00:51:09] Max Cohen: Can we get a

[00:51:10] George B. Thomas: say that it's when it's cool. Lit.

[00:51:12] Max Cohen: we get a score? Can we get a score?

[00:51:14] Devyn Bellamy: Oh,

[00:51:15] Liz Moorehead: Yeah,

[00:51:16] Devyn Bellamy: solid. Seven out of 10,

[00:51:18] Max Cohen: Oh, that's a, well, 7. 1, you gotta, you know, 7, like what? 7. 2, that's good, yeah.

[00:51:25] Devyn Bellamy: Yeah.

[00:51:25] Liz Moorehead: fair.

[00:51:26] Max Cohen: like a light 7,

[00:51:30] Devyn Bellamy: is the lodge Kohler in, in green Bay, Wisconsin. So

[00:51:36] Liz Moorehead: show, Devin, you just come back with like, so I visited this place. I went to my friend Stephen's. He didn't know I took a shower there, but Stephen, here's what I rate your

[00:51:45] George B. Thomas: my god. Is Steven married to Susan? I just, I was curious. I was

[00:51:50] Max Cohen: I might, I might be the first Taco Bell franchise to buy a

[00:51:53] Liz Moorehead: take a moment? To reflect on the fact that George, Mr. Davenport, Mr. Veronda, just tried to educate me on the etymology of lit.

[00:52:03] George B. Thomas: I knew that was coming.

[00:52:04] Liz Moorehead: let that hang there for a minute.

[00:52:06] Max Cohen: That's just his riz.

[00:52:09] Devyn Bellamy: I had to Google that, dude. I've reached the egg, like,

[00:52:13] Liz Moorehead: don't say the quiet parts out loud!

[00:52:15] Devyn Bellamy: it, and I was like, Really? So that's what, okay. And then I saw them doing it, and I'm like, but, that works? Like, that, yeah. Anyway.

[00:52:25] Liz Moorehead: Alright,

[00:52:26] George B. Thomas: Ah.

[00:52:26] Liz Moorehead: well here's my challenge to our listeners. Take a frickin break.

[00:52:30] George B. Thomas: Hmmmm. Mm

[00:52:32] Liz Moorehead: Take a break. I know

[00:52:33] Max Cohen: Have a seven up

[00:52:35] Liz Moorehead: talking today about What to expect in 2024, and there's a lot of things you should be changing and a lot of things that you should be doing and all of that stuff, but like, I don't care if you're listening to this smack dab in the middle of the holidays, or if you're listening to it at the start of the, I don't care at some point, you have to realize your brain and your services will not be of use to anybody.

If you don't take a fricking break, if you don't take a nap, if you don't go outside and touch grass or do something else some point. You have to understand that you are, as George put it. Or I guess quoted me, I don't know, a whole ass human, which means you have stuff outside of work. You have loves and a life outside of work.

Please, please, please make sure that you take some well deserved time off. Give yourself permission to not think about a KPI for a whole day. Maybe even challenge yourself to just be functionally illiterate for like a week. That's what I do. I've been writing for an entire year. George, you know what I realized?

I didn't take a vacation this year,

[00:53:41] George B. Thomas: Oh no!

[00:53:42] Liz Moorehead: I know, I

[00:53:43] Max Cohen: mean

[00:53:44] Liz Moorehead: not good.

[00:53:45] George B. Thomas: Nope.

[00:53:46] Liz Moorehead: I just, I didn't, I don't know how it happened. I took random days off here and

[00:53:50] Devyn Bellamy: Didn't even go to inbound.

[00:53:52] George B. Thomas: Shame.

[00:53:53] Liz Moorehead: I know. Cause, cause I had to go, I had, I had personal matters to attend to. But, don't be like me. Don't be like Max, except in every other way, because we are perfect little specimens

[00:54:08] George B. Thomas: I knew that was coming.

[00:54:09] Liz Moorehead: But take, take a break. You deserve it. And you don't have to earn it as hard as you think. You're allowed to just take a break because you need a break.

[00:54:18] George B. Thomas: Wha How Wha What is the music?

[00:54:22] Max Cohen: thought I was trying to perfectly time it at the end of the point she was making and I

[00:54:29] George B. Thomas: You, you did not

[00:54:30] Max Cohen: thought I was doing something cool

[00:54:32] Liz Moorehead: David Caruso in CSI Miami. He's

[00:54:34] Max Cohen: That's the whole point

[00:54:36] George B. Thomas: sorry.

[00:54:37] Max Cohen: That's the whole point and I I f ked it up guys

[00:54:40] George B. Thomas: you did not, you did not achieve that.

[00:54:43] Liz Moorehead: Max, are you ready? Look at me. want to try it one more time? And that ladies and gentlemen is my hot take. I'm David Caruso. I've been your host today. That's right, Devin. That's right. With the sunglasses. Well, gentlemen,

[00:55:06] George B. Thomas: nope, nope, not allowed to do that yet.

[00:55:09] Liz Moorehead: no George. What's up? Oh,

[00:55:11] George B. Thomas: First of all, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you, uh, Devin, Max, Liz, uh, for showing up on a weekly basis to add value to the community. Um, I just want to thank all of the listeners and I am praying, wishing, hoping, all of the great joys that you have during the holiday season, whether it be Merry Christmas or Kwanzaa or whatever it is for you.

Just know that we love you. We're out here trying to support you. And so there's much, much thanks that I want to give to people. Also, Liz, I said. That they should start doing leveraging AI for everything, right? All the AI is that they can,

[00:55:56] Liz Moorehead: Oh no,

[00:55:57] George B. Thomas: far too long, far too long since we've had an AI generated poem.

And so you'll, you'll get a chance to end us and, you know, skirt us out of here. But first I have to go ahead and give us some joyous thoughts in an inbound sales and marketing way. So in the season of joy. Where the bells do ring, a tale of inbound sales and marketing we bring. Where content glows bright, like lights on a tree.

Drawing folks in, as merry as can be. In the digital snow, SEO tracks are clear. Guiding the lost to the answer they hold dear. While emails like Carol's warm and sincere, spreading the message of holiday cheer. Social media sparkles like stars in the night, engaging and festive, a delightful site, personalized journeys wrapped up with a bow, making each customer the star of the show in this season of giving the strategies clear, it's about connection far and near inbound sales and marketing in the holiday light, bringing success and joy all through the night, signing off with cheer.

From the Hub Heroes team, Max, Devin, Liz, and George, in the Holiday Gleam. Stay bright, stay insightful, we say with a grin, Happy Holidays to all! And to all, a great win.

[00:57:29] Liz Moorehead: You know, I'm not topping that. it guys. Take us out.

[00:57:34] George B. Thomas: We're out!

[00:57:36] Liz Moorehead: out!

[00:57:37] George B. Thomas: bye!