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“I never planned to start my own business. But my lifelong calling to be a human who genuinely helps other humans realize what’s possible has led me to this moment. And now, I’m excited to learn how I can be your committed growth guide through HubSpot and inbound.”

– George B. Thomas


Mark Newton
I can't overstate the value George has added to my business. Of course, he's technically skilled, but his gift of truly understanding the business and providing insightful marketing advice amazes me. He grows revenue.
Mark Newton
Certified Structured Settlement Consultant

Are Your Personas Stopping Your Future Success?

It might be hard to believe that such a small tool in HubSpot could create so much pain, yet lead to so much success.

However, we've seen the power of this little property! So should you.

George B. Thomas and the team have done an excellent job helping our team at Sound Financial understand the value and power of Personas.

At first, we kept using old-school-vernacular and trying to wedge that into a digital marketing understanding. It didn’t fit very well – and this was after reading, studying, and getting what I thought was a solid education. So, George and the team re-educated and guided us into a new Persona understanding.

The new Persona understanding helped us better align our internal team’s understanding of our external strategies. We thought we were on the same page, but we found places where we were not.

Creating solid Personas helped define what we were already good at, then led to developing a strong content strategy.

Before, our content strategy was at the mercy of current events. We were reactive instead of proactive. Developing positive and negative Personas, leading to a Content Strategy that fit into our overall Marketing Plans, allowed us to systematically create our needed content and respond to current events, but not waste time on non-productive actions – like writing a bunch of junk that doesn’t matter to our firm.

I highly recommend George and his team, especially developing Personas for your company. He does excellent work for us and will do so for you as well.

Take care and good luck.

Chris McAlpin

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How can I help you with HubSpot?

Here are the five most common flavors of all-star George B. Thomas Helpfulness.


HubSpot CMS Implementation

HubSpot CMS Implementation

No need to hand over your mother’s maiden name or your first-born child. We’ll transform your website into a lean, mean, money-making machine on HubSpot with a price tag that makes sense for your business.


CRM Implementation

HubSpot CRM Implementation

HubSpot CRM Implementation

When all you really need is someone who deeply understands HubSpot to help you get sh*t done right now.



HubSpot Coaching-1


HubSpot Consulting

If you simply want to talk HubSpot shop with an expert who also understands strategy, this is what you need.


HubSpot Training


HubSpot Training

In-person & virtual training that gets everyone excited about HubSpot and on the same page with each other.



HUbSpot Audits


HubSpot Audits

With every audit, I’ll critically evaluate if you’re using the right HubSpot tools and whether or not you’re using them correctly.



Unleash your inbound superpowers

If you’re in marketing, sales, or leadership, you’re in the right place. If you’re just starting out on your inbound journey (Sup, Frodo?) or fancy yourself a seasoned inbound wizard, we’ve been waiting for you. We do need to warn you, though … this ain’t your great granny's inbound podcast.


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I've been working with George B. Thomas for over two years at this point, and I don't know where we'd be without him. His mastery of HubSpot, combined with his thoughtful insight and marketing best practices, makes him a true powerhouse! No matter what I throw at him or the crazy ideas I have, he's always able to distill it down to an actionable plan that results in great success. I highly recommend George, he's a priceless asset to our team!
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