HubSpot Buyer Personas

Are Your HubSpot Personas Blank or Not Being Used at All?

Are they powering your segmentation, communication, and automation?

Persona Quick Start Workshop

If not, it's time for the HubSpot Persona quick start workshop.  In this 1-hour video-based session, you'll learn how to get started with HubSpot Personas in a way that makes sense.

See why historical education around personas may have stopped you from doing one of the most essential HubSpot setup tasks.

In this session, you'll learn about:

  • A 3 part persona description formula.
  • A powerful second "Smart Question" segmentation strategy.
  • The power of a negative persona automated process.
  • And many other persona-focused mindsets, tips, and tricks.

Ready to send your personas to the next level? Start empowering your personas now!