The Sales Enablement Strategy Blueprint You Need

If you're a results-driven organization that is ready to get your marketing and sales teams on the same page, working together seamlessly to bring home the revenue bacon, you're in the right place. This online course is your key to sales enablement greatness.


Is This Sales Enablement Course for You?

Everyone in your organization plays a vital role in the successful development and deployment of a sales enablement strategy. That’s why this course is designed to help more than just one group of amazing, sales enabling humans.

Business Leaders

Business owners and leaders who know they are the catalyst their organization needs to set the conditions for true sales enablement to be possible. You bring all the players and pieces together, and this course will show you how to do it!


Marketers and marketing specialists are the indispensable yin to the yang that is sales. In this course, you’ll discover the keys to how to integrate your work with your friends in sales. We're all on the same team now!

Sales Pros + Teams

Ahhh, sales! You are the beating heart of the sales enablement strategy — our revenue-driving warriors. This course will teach you how to work with marketing to get the enablement support you need and deserve.

Module 1: Unleash Your Sales Enablement Powers

Dive into Module One of the Sales Enablement Blueprint and embark on a transformative journey to master the art of sales enablement. Learners will discover how sales enablement aligns with business objectives, enhancing sales and revenue growth. By its conclusion, participants will possess a robust foundation in sales enablement, equipped to optimize collaboration within their teams and drive organizational success.

Module 2: Understanding the Sales Process 

Embark on a captivating journey through the sales process with module two. Participants will delve into the intricacies of the sales journey, understanding its alignment with marketing strategies. You'll gain insights into the entire sales cycle, from initial contact to deal closure. This module emphasizes the importance of synchronizing marketing and sales efforts, likened to a harmonious symphony, ensuring faster and more efficient deal closures with ideal buyers.

Module 3: Creating Buyer Personas and Customer Journey Mapping

Module three dives into the transformative techniques and insights that will reshape your sales tactics. Dive into the world of buyer personas and customer journey mapping, essential tools that illuminate your target audience's preferences and behaviors. By the end, you'll expertly craft strategies that deeply resonate with your audience, ensuring sales success.

Module 4: Content Development for Sales Enablement

Embark on a journey into the heart of content creation, unlocking its power to enhance sales enablement.  Module four will guide you in curating content specific to each stage, ensuring a smooth transition through the sales process. Dive into the art of creating captivating content, discovering messaging techniques that spark interest and drive action. By the end, you'll be equipped to produce content that informs and converts prospects into loyal customers. 


Module 5: Sales and Marketing Alignment

Dive into the transformative world where Sales and Marketing come together, creating a synergy that leads to unparalleled success. Module five begins with fostering collaboration, visualizing Sales and Marketing as a unified force, each enhancing the other. Our final chapter emphasizes the importance of open communication, ensuring both teams evolve together through continuous feedback. You'll be equipped to bridge gaps, align goals, and promote transparent communication by the module's end.


Module 6: Sales Training and Onboarding

This module serves as a comprehensive training arena, equipping our sales champions for success. We'll delve into creating an impactful training program, emphasize continuous learning, and ensure smooth onboarding for new team members. Join us as we journey through the essentials of sales training, setting the stage for unparalleled sales excellence. Let's embark on this transformative adventure together!


Module 7: Sales Technology and Tools

Welcome to Module Seven, your guide to mastering sales technology and tools. We'll navigate the process of selecting the ideal tools, delve into the wonders of CRM systems for building enduring customer relationships, and harmonize marketing automation with sales strategies for a unified approach. This module is your key to unlocking the vast potential of sales tech. So, let's dive into optimizing our strategies, and set the stage for sales excellence.


Module 8: Measurement and Analytics

Welcome to Module Eight, where we navigate the vast seas of sales and marketing metrics. Our measurement plan charts our course, while data analytics tools transform raw data into insights, and regular reviews chronicle our journey's progress. We'll continue to delve deeper into these narratives, refining our strategies for success.


Module 9: Continuous Improvement and Optimization

Module 9 is dedicated to refining and enhancing your sales enablement strategies. We'll start with the Audit Chamber, focusing on regular reviews to assess and identify potential areas of improvement. By the conclusion of this module, you'll have the tools and knowledge necessary for continuous improvement in your sales enablement endeavors. It's essential to remember that the key to success is consistent learning and adaptation.


Module 10: Scaling Sales Enablement

Welcome to Module Ten as we approach the culmination of our journey, we focus on scaling sales enablement across the organization. This phase magnifies our initial efforts, ensuring uniformity and effectiveness throughout. The essence of this module is not just about strategies but fostering a culture where sales enablement is an organizational ethos. By the end, you'll have the insights to scale sales enablement, overcome challenges, and instill a culture of continuous improvement. 

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